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  • any girl want to chat here?

  • hi john, 星期五晚, 特別靜. 人人都有節目.

  • hi tina,

    how about you?

    why stay at home?

  • 我晚晚都係屋企, 人大了, 朋友就越黎越少.

  • no bf?

    even have friends, can't go out everyday.

  • Hi Tina,

    hello. just return....why don't you raise a hand in and there will be plenty of people to ask you out tonight.

    But honestly it is also good to stay at home and listen to radio or music...

  • 咁有咩話題呀?!

  • I'm married, 不過 my husband 經常出外公幹, 所以上黎打發時間.

  • tina,

    so no plans for the weekend?

  • hi tina

  • no wonder you are here....

    but will you consider to develop a friendship circle with ladies so that you can kill time....

    i think you have to do so as you have a high chance to be alone when husband out of town.

  • john

    無節目, 會係屋企睇DVD, 做家務...你地有咩節目?

  • tina,

    what dvd you going to watch?

    may be go to movies.

  • tina 我就好多野可以做啦

    同朋友睇戲 食飯 行街 做gym...

  • hi Tina,

    you are welcome to write to me in Chinese....

  • Sam,

    我唔鍾意同女人出街, 我覺得佢地好煩, 我enjoy 一個人shopping, 唔洗D女人係身邊嘈住曬.

  • I see. then you have a gift to enjoy this life with your husband sometimes not next to you.

    I like enjoy shopping alone too but I need friends / partner for dining and movie, etc

    Which DVD are you going to watch ? Any good movie suggest ?

  • john,

    屋企人借佐好多老番DVD俾我..."Slumdong Millionaire, The Reader, New in Town, The Day the earth stood still"

  • Hi Tina,

    As an alternative, you can find gentlemen to accompany you....

  • tina,

    slumdog and the reader are good. new in town, haven't watched. the day...not really good

    so you like movies alot?

  • Sam,

    我好enjoy shopping alone, 因我唔想人地等我試衫, 我亦沒有耐性等朋友試衫...另一原因, 是我D女性朋友是慣性遲到, 我最討厭唔守時既人, 所以減少見面.

  • ooh....luckily I am a time machine and won't be late too.

    Shopping alone is good in time management and can take a break / a cup of coffee anytime when feel tired.

  • john,

    我較喜歡 romantic "Pretty Woman, Nothing Hill, Love Actually"...所以 "New in Town"會岩我, 是做"BJ 日記" Renee Zellweger 演繹.

  • But I think target for shopping for ladies / gentlemen is different.

    Ladies target for dress / jewellery

    Gentlemen target for electronic toys and watches.

  • Sam,

    shopping alone 係一件樂事, 可以一次過攞幾件衫入更衣室試, 無壓力慢慢試, 試完可以唔買, 不過一定要係大既商店, 否則D sales 會黑曬面...hehe.

  • are right.........

    how ofter you go for shopping ?

    Do you have to work ? or a full time wife.........if so, you are so lucky.

  • Sam,

    agree...男人既target 除佐睇靚女外, 就會留意高科技產品或足球, 所以同老公shopping, 通常他去電器部, 我往女裝部, 然後半小時後電聯約見.

  • tira i envy u, got so many new movies DVD already.

  • haha hi tina,

    What you mentioned did happened to me before but in Tokyo, Shinjuku.

    and the time was 2 hours..

  • hi Vivian,

    You can also go out with SL to watch.

    BTW, I like your name very much.

  • Sam,

    我有工作, 小文員一名...what is your job?


    Don't envy me...所有都是老番, 是最近我屋企人係大陸買. 我好少去戲院, 睇場戲好貴, D popcorn 重貴.

  • tina,

    yes, i also prefer to shop alone. and i think it's good to have some surprise when she wear something new. rather than just watch her try on the clothes

  • Sam

    not everyone got SL, if no SL i can't watch movie?

  • Hi Tina,

    I am just an officeman only 9-6.........boring life....Do you ??

  • hi Vivian,

    I am really sorry. I don't mean that... I just think most people right here do look for SL or kind of relationship so I think it is not difficult for a lady to have one....

  • vivian,

    you can watch movie by yourself. you don't talk in the cinema anyway

  • and Vivian,

    I just say I like your name ... Can this be a compensation ??

    If no, may be I have to ask you for a movie...hahahahahaha

  • sam

    i really dunno how to answer u, dun want to be rude, and u think all women must have a SL is sick.

  • john

    yes i can, i go to movie alone sometimes, however i enjoy to have a little chat with my moviemate afterwords, discuss the movie n have a meal or coffee to relax.

  • hi vivian,

    no fact I don't think all women have SLs...

    any plan for tomorrow ? do you have to work on tomorrow ?

  • john,

    agree...尤其是買佐lovely lingeries, 一定想係自己既男人前 show 吓 quali...hehe. 如果同佢一起買, 就冇surprise.

  • Sam,

    我係公司悶到死, 唔可以上網, 同事之間好少傾計, 因公司設計是沒有partition, no privacy, 各人做乜野, 老板都一目了然...唯有少說話多做事.

  • tina,

    for me, lovely lingerie not very attractive..i prefer not wearing :p


    yes, i like to discuss movie afterwards too.

    what movie have you watched lately?

  • hi there, mind if I join in the conversation?

  • good evening

  • Slumdong Millionaire is good. Did anyone watch Revolutionary Road?

  • liz,

    didn't watch revolutionary road, but watched the reader

  • hi Tina,

    It is so poor about your company's arrangement. it will drive me crazy if no Internet access. I think I will change my job immediately.


    you are seducing us...... in this late night, you refresh my mind....hahaha all men are "handsome" ---> ham sup

  • Hi Tina,

    Do you want MSN ??

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