Alaska sea cruise

  • Hi anybody interested to join 7 days sea cruise to go alaska, what you need is a ticket to vancouver, and the cruise price is very reasonable, 7 days including all the meals can be less than $5000. 

    Single charge almost double, so i want to have somebody to share the room with me. i have not fixed the date, can be June - Sept 09 as long as long as i can get the free ticket by my mileage account. including the flight time it will need around 10 days

    best is a girl. let me know

  • hi, coolbe66. I am a girl. I have annualleave from 13/06/09 to 28/06/09. I am quite interesting about your suggestion. I hope to Alaska for a time but my friends don't want to go. Let us disscus. my email address :

  • it must be good... but I think it is better to have 4 persons....

  • Hi Issac and ssgigi

    thanks for your reply, ssgigi, i have sent your email to your personal account

    Hi Issac, i am not sure why you say 4 person is better, do you mean all 4 can be in one room? i think that will not be easy for those not very familiar to each other, the room is really small, and you may want to pay 1000-2000 HKD more just to get a twin room to stay for 7 days. (i tried one for 2D1N cruise, with very good friends and most of the time stay out from the room)

    if you are saying have more fun, of course the more will be the better if travel schedule can align.

  • Hi coolbe66,

    Thanks for your reply... I mean 4 persons is better because of dining or fun instead of room sharing.. of course I do appreciate double / twin room instead of 4-person room..

    However, as i am a gentleman . May be it is not convenient,right ?

    So I hope you all have a nice, wonderful and safe trip

  • I am interested too, date is flexible for me. Lets discuss by email:

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