To treat ourselves better / To enjoy life...

  • Ladies and Gentlemen, let's discuss how =)

  • just love your view for life especially at this stage of economic. cheers

  • sometimes enjoying life is simply a good book with peaceful music

  • creamy

    i don't really think that the real situation is that bad...

    you can see hk people are spending a lot of money shopping and dinning...

  • i enjoy the music and driving at the same time, i might just do that again tonight. actually i just had a short ride with my doggie

  • o i am just doing fine and actually enjoy my life very much. I just do not like to see others complain all the times

  • Good book n music equal to enjoy life with hate and dun know how to forgive the past, omg.

  • hey sexy!


    what are you talking about?


    hey hottie =) I am back

  • sexy?? i hope u do not adressing to me. i am a guy.

  • sexy

    i know, got your message tho. ;D

  • nake is a kind of enjoy life.. so freedom it is


    what are you talking about?

    Books are theories which based upon wise experience and enlightenment to be shared with lovers. Music is for sharing the joy with your lovers also. If you enjoy all that alone; psychologically meant you are still trapped within hate and the inability to forgive your past. For example someone who unconsciously offend you or treat your loving feelings trapped you that way. BTW; just my 2cents.

  • the server is not smooth tonight?

    lily-ok, u mean someoneelse, sorry for the misunderstanding

  • Lover, dont be so serious. I think this is only a thread for fun chat afterall.

  • creamy

    lily is my friend =)

    you are right that people are complaining a lot, but some of them aren't really that bad. You know, people just won't wanna tell the sufferers that they are alright ...


    how's the holiday treating yya?

  • To treat ourselves better meant live without hate n jealous; the best has yet to come beyond our control. To enjoy life is to think positively and behave positively.

    Sorry if i saying something too serious, thread master dilida, I better go. May the devil’s good luck be with you all. byyebyye.

  • sexy

    I had a lovely white x'mas, ;)



    if you think in this way, then it is.

    use n think in and all rounded scope, we can always make the best out of whatever =)

  • dilida, noted

    lover, i certinly agree with your views because u are stating the fact, all i am saying is i prefer light fun chat especially at night

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