Did you meet real good looking singles here?

  • I’m curious about what are they looking for… 

    If they are married/attached, then I understand they may want some secret excitement.
    But if they are single, they may have more choices in real.
    Then why do they spend so much time flirting here, even worse, flirting with some not so presentable person?

    Or they just look for some chats? :)

  • I think they are as well looking for some pussy to fool around with...

  • i think, they get a lot in real life... ?

  • Like myself ... but I am married

  • they like to play around here to fool you such stupid girls

    if you fall into their traps/ plans, they win and have high degree of achievements


  • there are many types of people...

    and i think there are different purpose to stay in here

    here is only a platform

    or maybe they can't do that in real

    or they may find that it's interesting here

    who knows

  • i think some of them play around, some of them is serious...

    but most of them is looking for sp/sl/ons (including me)

    but why not, everyone just looking for what they want...

    if u dont want, no one can force u do anything u dont want, right?

    this is the way i think only......^ ^

  • pussy,

    for married, i understand them... is not easy to "fool" around in real life.

  • bitch replied @ 2008-11-25 1:30 pm

    they like to play around here to fool you such stupid girls

    if you fall into their traps/ plans, they win and have high degree of achievements

    if they think fooling stupid girls like me is a high degree of achivement, then i wonder how do they set their standards.

  • true

    here is just a platform for the people who are looking for what they want

    different people may use it in different ways

  • 想曳~~,

    that's why i'm interesting to know... :)

  • fooling stupid girls...

    i don't think the girls here are stupid

    and also...not so many girls here now

    degree of achievement...i don't think men will spend time to get such a feeling here...sorry to say that...no matter fooling stupid girls or not

  • jason,

    i'm not challenging their motives, i just want to know ... :)

  • Daisy, I think everyone has their own needs and to me I think a lot of the males here are looking for excitment outside of their real pressured living style ...

    Sadly, there might not be a lot of girls here who can take this kind of excitment and the no-string relationship that most men looked here remains an ideal ....

  • no one knows what the others think

    but i can say

    here is just a platform for them

    to express their dark side or something that they can't do in real

  • PD

    good afternoon.

    someone does join here without goal.real good looking will fade but mindset never will.

  • Pussy,

    true that it's ideal

    but i still think that they may find something in the pool here...

    in real, it's not easy to express such wants

  • I always think if there are a pool of girls who share the same mindset of the pool of guys here. It could really turn She.com into a platform of the darkside desires of human nature

  • pussy,

    sharing the same mindset...

    maybe they are....just not your mindset

  • i know,

    and i just share what im thinking only...

    hope my words not make u feel bad...


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