secret lover seeking: i m a woman 35+, your age 37to 43, NO GUYS younger than 38 pls.

  • Hey guys, i feel bored sometimes and would like to seek a mature guy to talk to  and hang out with.  IF YOU ARE A FUNNY AND POSITIVE GUY WOULD BE EVEN BETTER.

    you age should be 37 to 43 (NO GUYS younger than 37 pls)

    5'7" or above


    would like to share and good communication skill

    average look or above

    medium built 

    I am 35+ and quite pretty.  sporty and slim. would like to share and listen. 

    ** you hv to be able to talk to me BY PHONE at nite time in the weekday and day time in the weekend !!!!!

    We will know each other  further by e-mails. If you are interested in, pls leave yr e-mail address.   And looking forward to know you more.... ciao. and good night.

  • Hi f,

    I am a 42 old guy who works in the finance sector. I have spent a fair number of years living abroad and would like to meet a like minded individual. Exercise regularly, I am reasonably fit with a decent look. I enjoy movies, fine dining, travel plus other finer things in life. Perhaps we can discuss furthe on msn. Thanks.

  • Hi f,

    I am interested to know someone like you. I am over 40. As for my appearance, it is not for me to judge. :P I love to communicate and chat. look forward to receiving your email soon.

  • Hi Lime Soda and pknoyb, thks for leaving me yr e-mail address. And i will send you 2 guys the e-mail a bit later. and we can learn each other more.

    By copying to Lime Soda, i also enjoy movies, travel.... but i don't enjoy other finer things in life anymore.... cos i learnt from past experience, it's hard to afford so many fine things in life, so tiring. But I do enjoy SOME part of the quality life. Let's know each other more in the e-mail. BTW, I was raised up in a grass-root family. good nite and best wishes.

  • Hi f,

    I want to apply. Here is my contact

    Chat later!

  • 5'9 34 aged...


    like swimming, sunbathing,cooking, gym , .... ulei ?

  • Hi f,

    I'm 42 yrs old. Please send email to me or add me in msn

  • Hi Penguin, thks for interested in my thread. and hope you fit in my requirement.

    Tony, thks for pass by and you are a bit younger than me. I prefer mature man cos i feel comfortable with them. You know, mature man got more life experience.

  • Hi f,

    My email address is

    Hope to hear from you soon.

  • anyone wants to stay here and chat?

  • by f - 11/23/08 21:14

    No worries, it matches, otherwise I will not apply. Thx for your kind reminder.

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