dilida's world

  • Dear Fds, 

    It's time to let the old thread die and start a new one

    dilida's world is a world of simplicity, philiophy, mind/thought sharing and all sort of intellectual stuff.

    wine and flirt are also welcome, but no "animals" who only cares for a hump 

    I guess I have some friends and fans here who will be attracted to drop by and leave a line

    Talk to you soon ;-)

  • nice to see u here

  • shxt, I always have typo

    it should be "philosophy" ... =(

    Been stuck up with work and haven't been here for quite a while. Hope all of you are going well.

  • New thread New starts ;)

    I am still waiting for the girly night out.

  • sure thing, we will make it... um ... just a matter of time

    i start a new thread part of it because i see no hope looking for fwb here... lol

  • hahaha i agree, better look for the b somewhere else.

  • there's an old saying that "the one you marry is normally not the you you love most and not the one who fits all the criteria that you've set"

    do you think it's true?

  • dilida

    very true, how many happy marriage is real?

  • um... i donno ...

    Marriage is too far away from me...

    But I am just not sure about if I should keep looking the the criteria for men that I've set...

    Seems that looking for fun is totally different from looking for a bf... and I started to forget what I have to look for in a man I gonna be attached to ...

    sounds a bit sad huh...

  • some how, very often your another half never your ideal one. So, I just let my heart to choose my man for me. :)

  • excuse me...

    is here for private member only...

  • wonder

    u are the member now. ;)


  • wonder

    i assume we chat before?

    I don't recall who you are with just the most common alia that you show up with...

    mind reminding me about you?

  • is this a chitchat thread?

  • sorry for bothering...

    just like to confirm it ...as it seems i was limpid after i put the first post here

  • O man

    Sure thing =)

    Welcome back

  • my beloved d =)

    This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness. ~ HH the Dalai Lama ~

  • D

    when will you online?

  • hey gal, nice to have such a thread... where i can stay in... :)

  • D,

    how are you? Sigh

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