Professional Seek For SL ( Welcome to come in ) ^^

  • Professional Guy seek for SL ........

    Seek for mature, cheerful, optimistic as well as sexy( not too thin in body shape ) lady for long term SL.

    If  your career could be a shift duty or U Graduated , it would be better. If not, it doesn’t matter. Most important is match & love each other. ( single or married are both welcomed )


    I am a well-educated ( Master-Level) mature man. Reading, writing , sharing deep heart words & enjoy different kinds of music esp. Jazz are my major interest & hobbies.. My favorite sports are table tennis and badminton.


    My personalities are patient,gentle,romantic,energetic, thoughtful as well as Creative.If you like, I might give you some surprise to cheer you up. I am a quite passionate guy , When I fall in love with, she should being loved & cared tenderly most of the time. Joy & happiness can being satisfied by my promise after we go forward & fall in love one day. My age is 35. ( a golden age of a man )


    I am a very serious man. If you ‘re not serious, pls don’t drop me a line. Thanks.

    Pls send me a email once you also desire to know more about me :



  • brush up your English, to a professional standard, else, it's a shame for CUHK

  • PG = Plead Guilty? as charged

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