i-bankers are hopeless and stupid...pretend to be a professional but are actually worthless

  • They are no different from a casino dealer or a gambler, simply taking other people's money to gamble in the market. If they win and make money, they believe they're smart and act pretentiously and cocky, trying to disguise themselves to be an able professional who thought they can manipulate the market but the fact is they can NEVER beat the market.

    once they lose, they get into bankruptcy and the company goes into liquidation and they have nothing left but disgrace and despise from outsiders. Eventually they get thrown out of the market and their existence will be eliminated.

  • what a hopeless and stupid career to engage in......

  • I totally agree!

  • 做i-banker既人都俾我有種急功近利既感覺


    NOW the so called top 5 i-banks in Wall Street have are all gone, even Goldman and Morgan Stanley were forced to changed themselves to bank holding companies.

    Haha i-banks to commercial banks, what a joke!

  • 仲話係精英, 咪又係 a piece of shxt!

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