2008.09.22<MON> Dinner gathering

  • 最近有點悶, 想著想著不如搞個dinner gathering. 

    日期: 2008.09.22(MON)

    時間: 8:30pm

    地點: 中環

    人數: 6-8 

    費用: 全免 (不過請於賣單時AA, 男女平等. 每人約$150-200.)




    (不過由於怕混亂, 申請只接受email)

    電郵中請包括自己的姓別, 自己的年齡(大約就ok, 20-25, 26-30, 31-35, 36-40), 職業, 和想識咩type既人. 同埋target既年齡大概幾多. 如果可以, 請加個自我介紹. (不用send相)

    我希望大家係想搵d人一齊開開心心食餐飯, 想識多d人. 而唔係想溝女or溝仔. 男女比例我會調節至5:5. 希望大家識異姓之餘, 都會係想搵d同姓岩傾既朋友仔.

    參加的人若confirm請務必出席, "可能可以"者請下次. 我唔想太多人, 太多人好難溝通. 所以我會挑最少6個, 最多8個. match with各人的職業and喜好去決定參加的6-8位係邊個. NOT first come first serve,

    由於唔想太麻煩, 所以日子定為下星期一, 不更改. 地點係中環, 餐廳我決定, 因為我book台. =P 我未搞過呢d活動, 不過好像很有趣呢. 有什麼遺漏, 請大家多多指點. 其實我知道這種角色是有點吃力不討好, 不過人生貴乎experience, 希望大家都enjoy那個聚餐.

    等待你們的回覆. 謝謝

  • 我想參加.........可惜下星期一晚唔得閒T_T

  • it is so nice of you.

    Sounds like it will be fun!

  • Im sure i would enjoy the process tooooooo... interested to join?

  • 十蔔妳呀 (哈哈不過我唔黎啦)

  • haha, doesnt matter la. I am just bored.

  • It's actually good to make more friends, just be careful..but I suspect Monday may not be the best day for some people. Anyway hope you have an interesting night!

  • Well, I am just thinking as its not an easy day for everyone, then amount of people that can come will be less, meanwhile, I don't have to reject too many people. =P haha~

    anyway, if no people come, i wil just cancel and go eat with my lovely friends. hehe~

    seriously, i think if there is netfriend who want to meet me, that day would be a very good chance because I don't show up much either. haha.

  • P

  • P

  • Santa girl, are u working at IFC one of private banking called Kxxx??

  • Santa Girl

    你好勇~ 你好好~ ^^

  • Camera-man, No, I am not. I am so far from IFC.

    Ching Ching, I am sure I would be having fun in organizing too. I wonder if there is someone who wants to go tho. haha.

  • 睇到真係噴血... -_-

  • Why? @_@

    from your mouth or from your noise?

  • benben & 咪拿

  • heart attack ar

  • 既然妳要搞既話,為確保質素參差,我覺得應該殘忍而現實少少地列明男既最少要大學畢業,女既都要起碼中七畢業。呢個係妳既 party,妳有權有自己既要求。

  • People who want to join please send me email. thanks

    ni, what made you heartattack?

  • 妳會唔會篩走 d 高質素女仔架,Santa Girl? 我見到係面前有個 Black Box,睇唔穿入面搞緊乜喎 ;-)

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