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  • I am 35+ and would like to find a gal who can communcate. i have no intention to see each other or any dating, at this moment, just want to share except the development is allowed. Any gals?

  • hihi..

  • what u want to share?

  • About life....job, family, friends, relationship, or sex

  • oic.. so, may i ask u to share first?

  • I'm married but have a poor relationship with my wife. We dont talk much and we dont make love much. Actually, I havent made love to her for more than 2 years.

    I used to have 2 sl, one after another. Just broke up half year ago.

    What about you?

  • im married but have a poor relationship with my hubby. We dont talk much but we hv regular sex activity. Actually, I have sex with him every week in the past 9 months.

    i do not have any sl/sp.

  • Poor relationship but having sex regularly, that's weird

    It seems you just for your sex satifaction only.

    Do you have kids?

  • if poor relationship with no sex activity, it is even worst!

  • Yes, correct.

    We now like two ppl living together for reason that we're not quite sure of.

  • john,

    can she turn u on?

  • Well, it's hard to say. Sometimes, it's not only body itself matters. So if we keep the way we are, the answer is no.

  • John and she,

    Wanna join ur discussion.

    My case is worse, he already cannot lar. She, if u can ml with ur hubby, still u have a bit passion for him. Every week wow, its not easy for a woman if u dont like the man anymore. Sometimes I dont like him to touch me.

  • Hi Rain

    How old is your hubby? Clearly there are two different things you mentioned in your post. One...he cannot.....Two, you dont like him to touch you (even if he can?)

    You dont love him anymore, do you?

  • John

    I think I treat him as a friend or family member. Yes, I feel like I dont love him anymore. I have think of divorce several yrs ago, but...theres too much unknowns and too difficult to take this step.

  • I know. Getting divorce is difficult, especially for a woman.

    Do you have sl/sp as most ppl do in such cases?

  • John

    I have one before. But I stress on feeling more than sex in finding a sl. Making love with one u dont have feeling cant work for me. its not easy to develop into a close stage.

  • That's the point. Perhaps that's the reason why I dont make love to my wife, or vise versa.

    Sometimes I believe SL relationship is better than marriage. Pppl can devote their heart wholely to the other without caring for the tedious daily things bothering us.

  • BTW, the real thread owner never show up since he opened this thread. So I take over his thread for chatting since the first post. Hope you dont mind. :)

  • Supposedly yes. But I guess its difficult to have such an ideal relations. It tends not to last long...sometimes its disappointing. Sometimes man may get bored and want to find new gal, new excitment, it all depends on so many factors for the success of a relations...dont aim high.

  • Yes, perhaps that's true. Never heard of any sl relationship can last for long.

    Dont know. But whatelse can we do? Just spend our life so emptyly?

  • I need to go for a boring dinner gaterhing. :(

    Keep contact if you like to

  • John

    I cant answer this question. I dont know myself either.

    It will be pretty if even a sl relations can last long, not only for sex, for like one very close close friend who can share with u, who can bring u some happiness in life, who have trust and support for each other. That sounds too pretty to be true?

  • wow..sounds so popular here..what are u guys talking about?

  • rain, your case is so similar to my friend......but her case worse than you....I guess

  • The above post is made by FAKE John. I wrote this message and just return to read. may be not for gentlemen and ladies even for making friends.

    Hey, fake John, This post is started by me and u use my name to fool others. I think to be a gentleman, u should use another name so others will not be fooled. I also doubt your real attention.

  • haha...sounds funny....I had same experince...guy guy try to pretend me.thats why I use log in ID now....

  • Yes, we have chatted last time with Cherry. Remember me? Oh, is full of bastards.

  • hhaha...i forgot..u had better use ur log in ID

  • Melissa.....are u??

  • nono, i think it's a gal.

  • Hi John

    add me

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