wanna a mature lady

  • i am not going to say how good i am 

    cause this is really goddame bullshit

    nobody is gonna believe it  and give shit onit 

    what i want is a conversation 

    and conversation 

    basically  iam a outgoing boy 

    i surf this web site just on occasion 

    and i find no way to make friend with mature woman 

    may be i am too yoing 

    i think i am talkative and a little bit funny 

    and just a little bit haha 

    actually i wanted to go out tonight 

    but just by some accidents, i coundnt 

    i may change to tomorrw


    if u wanna hang out , and u r mature and attractive 

    we can make it tomorrow

    this may be my last thread 

  • o

  • aya sigh

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