The most wild sex act you have done?

  • In the dark bush? In the car? Bus????

    What was the wildest daring sex you have done?

  • now moved to sex ...from relationship !

    ok..go ahead..everyone !

  • doggy

  • what happened to our posts? what a shame... all eaten up by she

  • Rush~so sad! i started the thread in relationship but it's full of sex content. The admin wiped everything out. I want to seek the replies back, there were 133 replies! The time we left off was only about 90 something reply.

  • des - i know i wanted to see what else people replied. at least we had our quickie time together! hehe. maybe it's time to make more memories. =)

  • des - where is the strangest place you ever had sex?

  • Rush~I like to try new things but i can't call myself adventurous. I have sexed in the pool, beach(somewhat sex, not completely), balcony, plane, in the car...

  • Anyone had sex in the public transportation?

  • i had sex in a taxi with the driver..

    he was a handsome middle age guy

  • 被我的女主調教.


    想問下如果在巴士上摷到條女濕透底褲 , 佢又俾我口爆

    咁算唔算 "had sex" ?

  • DESIREEE... very interesting topic ... at sex board right now!

    my experience was wild .... but not at PUBLIC transport though.... it was in the car ! ... someone's wife was giving me a blow job ... while her husband was driving .... and .. she was madly wet!

  • 我試過在一座大廈嘅走廊.其實人家如果一開門就見到正.

  • I did in public swimming pool, at around 6.00 pm...when the pool is not so busy and crowded..! I fxxked her inside the water..

    Another time, we did it on the mountain. ! Ppl walking by ! We try to keep quite..! not making too much noice..

  • My son fxxked me when my hubby was taking a bath,

    he even fxxk me when i was on bed with my hubby, my hubby was sleeping

  • i tried car, carpark, karaoke, backstair, disable toilet.

    i tried tie her up and play av for her to watch

    most exciting..mff

  • hi

  • sexy c9,

    are u crazy ? your son fxxking you ??

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  • Hi Desiree, thx to see this thread back :D actually I save some of the earlier reply because they were funny. I liked your replies most :D

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  • 點解page1去到page4 d post一樣, repeat又repeat geh?

  • So disappointed deleted all the previous posts. The thread was initially posted in the Relationship board. The explicit contents were not allowed and She Admin moved to Sex. And all previous posts got wiped.

    I had a lot of telling in my experience. That was some wild ones. If I have mood again, I will rewrite them again. Please post more of your WILD SEX EXPERIENCE!

    Brothers and sisters, let's rock the house!

  • 哦, 唔怪得咁奇怪啦

    can't wait for ur wild experiences...hehe

  • I have once been to Thailand vacation resort. We arrived at night time and walked around the resort in the dark. So beautiful and romantic feeling. When we get to the room, we took shower, and we walked around the hotel room naked, with windows OPEN. We walked to the balcony, turned off the lights and did it there. I bent down and he doggy me straight up. The ocean waves and the wind breezes add to the romantic feeling. There were people walking around, but we did it very quiet.

    More to share later.

  • Desireee, are u a lady? I hope to directly share my wildness , can u add me ? thx.

  • I'll make sure i keep an eye on resort balconies when I go on a trip, lol. Looking at the sea and all, that's romantic.

  • On the airplane to Thailand, my boyfriend and I sat in the row of 2 seats. He sat in the window seat and I on the isle. I didn't wear any bra and panties. i was wearing strapped tank top and short skirt. On the plane ride, I cover myself with the airline blanket. So my boyfriend's finger can have some fun time underneath. I was really wet and horny. So was he.

  • Not only that, I laid down with my head pointing the isle and my legs next to my bf. With the blanket covering, my bf was able to finger my little sister all he wants. While people are walking, plane full of passengers, but we are in the little fantasy mile high club of ours.

  • I has similar experience as urs in plane

    but that time was in night and finally, we didi it in the toilet~

    I hv also tried in car.


    I m 33 yrs o guy

  • my gf performed a hand job for me in the back stairs of a public estate

    and I of coz fingered her in return

    too crazy for me now that I think about it again

  • Des - very sad that we have to re-post our repsonses. there is something missing as i try to re-post the old stuff. so, i refuse to type that again. here is another one of my experiences with the ex.

    one time we took a cruise and i bought her some new swim suits, very skimpy and nearly see through. first we went to the pool so that she could show off her beautiful body. i noticed a few men at the bar staring at her so i told her about them. the next thing i know, she is lying on her back with her legs spread just enough to give them a peak of some camel toe. i saw her bikini bottoms getting wet so i suggested we go to the hot tub. the two of us went and 2 other guys followed us. while in the hot tub, i began fingering her and she was so excited that she lost control, took out her t-ts and played with her nip-ples in front of the two guys. suddenly, she realized what she was doing and wanted to go back to the room right away. before we reached the room, she had her bikini off and was walking down the hallway totally naked, t-ts out in the open and her clean shaven p-ussy for all to see. it was such a turn on. when we got to the room we had wild sex for almost 1 hour. she screamed and moaned as loud as she could so people that people walking by outside our room could hear her. it was fantastic.

    afterwards, we ordered room service. when the food came i answered the door while she pretended to be sleeping totally naked on the bed with her legs spread. at first the guy delivering our food didn't notice, but after he brought the food into the cabin, he looked at me and gave me a big smile. he said that was the best tip he ever got.


    If you are the girl show on the pic, then I would like to fxxk you.

    But, I think you are actually a man and pretending to be a pretty girl.

    How poor are you. Shame on you.

  • Rush~You are such an adventurous guy. Both you and your gf must be an overseas raised guy to come up with such creativity.

  • One time, my bf and I went to Virgin Islands. We strolled down the street, as I was wearing a very tight and short skirt, so shirt the butt cheeks showed. Cars passed by honk and me and my bf couldnt help but smile and feeling lightheaded. Are all guys like to show off his gfs?

  • Another time we were in the resort pool side, I wrapped my legs around him and felt his dick pressed against my pussy. That made my pussy so itchy. I wanted to be "scratched", but the pool was full of people, young and old. And many kids wearing goggles. My bf concern the people with under water eyes so he hesitated not to do it. But getting him aroused and hard was so funny. I fooled him to get out of the water but his dick so so hard, he would be embarrassed if he got up. So he waited some good few minutes.

    But the fun part was that I kept teasing him, I went back to the water and made him hard again. LOL, so for a good long hour, he had to stay in the pool to cool down but my trick kept him hard.

    He wasn't mad at me, I just love making him vulnerable and see his silly face.

  • To all who questions my gender, I am a woman. The experiences I posted are true and of my own. I earn my living as a business professional so I appeared very proper. But inside the bedroom or when on a vacation, I can be as wild and full of imagination.

    In real life, I never share my experience with other people. So by opening this thread, I can share my part and hope to hear from other people.


    Have you tried Group Sex before. I found that very exciting....

  • Alan~tell us about your experience. I always have one on one. Although the multiple sex sounded wild, but never tried it.


    Some years ago, I have had 1 to 1 relationship. After 1 day, I had sex with 2 girls, then I'm indulged in Group Sex.

    Now, I will join Group Sex activities with some friend known in We know each other, we took 3-4 pairs, and do a round for 4 times per night. We usually done in a hotel. Would you like to know more about that?

  • Alan~Please tell us more. That sound so wild. All of you must enjoy so much to be in group sex. Is that strictly sex? Are you all become friends or just for sex party? Do you feel jealous your gf being f_uck by other men? And your gf jealous you did other girls? Is alcohol or drug consumed before having sex? What you did is so exciting and beyond something I would dare. But love to hear your experience. That would be so much fun!if you prefer, you can type chinese.


    That's very private and I could not disclose the details here. If you want to know more, please write down your msn and e-mail to me:

    Hope that I can answer all your questions.

  • Desireee

    you look so appealing in the picture

  • if u dont mind, can we be friend

    this is my Msn, i hope to see there

  • DESIREEE replied @ 2008-06-08 1:18 am

    Alan~tell us about your experience. I always have one on one. Although the multiple sex sounded wild, but never tried it

    1. i tried in my car in a dark corner, felt exciting but my partner complains not comfortable.

      2. tried with a group with my best fds.

      3. tried in sl bf's house

  • Did you guys have phone sex?

    I once had a long distance relationship.So talking on the phone was the only way we communicate. Talk talk talk, then naturally we talked about sex. And we verbally talked about stripping clothes, put your fingers in, is it wet, etc. He masterbate with my words whispering.

    Of course, I was wet. I had him cum just like sex. It was fun. But at the end, it is just talking.

    The Long D realtinship did not last so that was the end of my phone sex experience.

  • Des - phone sex... how many many many times i had that. the best was when she was in the house with her relatives in the room next door. i had her moaning into the pillow to keep the noise down. but in the end, it isn't the real thing.

  • j

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