A new relationship with girl

  • Let me briefly intro myself here. I am 27 and will become 28 in next month. I love reading journal / swim and play soccer.  Graduated in New York few yrs ago for my BBA degree. Now I am in Finance field but hate to find gf in work place. I enjoy the time with the girl I love / the girl I feel comfortable with. I love sharing everything with girl for my daily life and a good listener to hear from girls . I am waiting for you to chat with me since i am ready to start the new relationship. I am ok looking / 175 cm tall with glasses  

    Hope I can see you in msn


  • Does any girls want to chat ? ?

  • don't know can i add u la?

  • june,

    mind to add me in msn and become a firend to start off.....

    Looking for you to have great time

  • but you also look for sex partners in sex board wor

  • girl,

    Can you please stop attack me .....please ? I am looking for normal relationship only ( no sex included)

  • Good morning ..everyone

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