Why u look so oily, CheerfulSweetie??

  • Hey CheerfulSweetie

    Why ur hair and ur face look so oily in ur photo? 

    It's special effect or not?

    Everytime I look at ur photo, I will feel very dirty and disgusting.

    I am not expect u as pretty as barbiedollhk, but at least should not be that oily!

    Next time pls take a photo be4 wash ur face or ur hair!!


  • threads like these are simply annoying

  • It is the tone that u criticise that is really disgusting

  • CheerfulSweetie

    please wash your hair before going out

  • 可能CheerfulSweetie張相唔係好靚,

    不過佢都係用自己身份來玩she.com 姐..有咩問題?

    好過一d人只係裡埋係Alias 後面講埋曬d唔負責任既說話la係咪??

    我夠冇expect 過狗口入面可以見到有像牙啦.....



  • 我同意K_Man!


    不過佢有勇氣用張甘油嘅相來玩she.com, 勇氣可加強!!

  • 關你鬼事咩

  • 呵...我估CheerfulSweetie唔會因為d幼稚人講既野而唔開心既..

    要挑剔既, 想up乜都得la.

  • Funniest post of the day! Thank you for the laugh!

    Big oily kiss to you, kiss kiss kiss.

  • 呢d係咪叫油頭粉面丫請問~

  • haha.. I am waiting u my Queen!

  • Dior


    亮澤 , 均勻 , 純淨


  • Biore深層淨透洗面乳


  • 水晶潔淨洗髮露

    採用水瑩潔淨配方, 能深層潔淨頭髮和頭皮油膩,為下一次美麗造形做好準備

  • CheerfulSweetie 比人開thread玩都不怒反笑. 高EQ.

    樣都好OK, 性格人如其名. 有冇仔溝...受唔受?

  • 版主


    買支 Dior 雪凝極致亮白修護系列比人啦

    she.com 買緊廣告呀

  • EQ replied @ 2008-05-06 12:41 pm

    CheerfulSweetie 比人開thread玩都不怒反笑. 高EQ.

    樣都好OK, 性格人如其名. 有冇仔溝...受唔受?

    not sincere wor... you shall chase her first, not get a yes before you chase wor.

  • CheerfulSweetie張相幾靚喎

  • 食緊飯,睇見呢個thread, 都噴飯出來

  • 佢地班外国邦係另外一個site擺放更多甜相.我睇過CheerfulSweetiee 另外的相, 仲靚女過e張呀.

  • This thread is the most funny thread I read so far!!

  • Cheerfulsweatie

    Wow your popularity is sky rocketed! This is indeed a lame post just trying to get your attention. Men do have a strange way of picking up girls and the person who posted this thread should share his PICK UP line in nayio's thread. laugh

    I like you the best!


  • 有冇睇過CheerfulSweetie post 的 msg, 要serious topic 會好 sincere. 但又時玩下果d又超好笑. 都好正架.

  • 二五 replied @ 2008-05-06 12:59 pm

    佢地班外国邦係另外一個site擺放更多甜相.我睇過CheerfulSweetiee 另外的相, 仲靚女過e張呀 <<<

  • 你話我油, 其實背後有個故事架...

    話說小妹拍此照片當天幫動物協會做義工, 係街外企足成日籌款兼呼喻领養小動物.

    烈日當空喎, 又要幫小動物清理便便, 做左成日後, 話全體合照. 咁, 係冇任何touch up 下, 就咁油囉. 但係我覺得好有意義, 咪post 左做profile picture lor.

    如果係你, 呢個moment 都luck 頭luck 骨啦, right?

    But, I still think the thread host 好好玩, 於一個悶日, 比左咁多歡樂给大家好玩thread.

    Thank you!

  • Oily CS

    I also want to adopt a dog. Do u know the procedure? and charges?

  • CS looks more like having some mouse on to have that wet look!

    It's fashion and trendy and not to mention, sexy. Whatever!

    Funny - I think CS lives abroad in the US. So she cannot help you about adoption in HK.

  • How old are you CS?

    She is pretty .Not oily la

  • blahahahahahahaha


  • hahaha

  • She looks pretty and sexy. Men dig for sexy lady like her.

  • 你睇下人地幾大方啦


  • 我係女既, 都覺得佢幾好喎..


  • Cheerful Sweetie ~~

    係咪話你油 ... 你就會錫錫架 ?? hehehe

    sweetie )))))) 你好油呀 )))))))))))))

    hohoho ~

  • this is definitely one of the funniest threads i have seen in here for years. not about the content itself but how low class the guy (or lady) showed. by the way, correct your english writing first before criticizing others.

  • 版主KW應該係果d扒女唔低得人地又靚又有學識.

    以為出條on 9 thread 踩人, 估唔到咁多人支持CheerfulSweetie.

    KW真係on 9 港女.

  • no mercy ~

    你唔係話我係 low class guy 丫嘛 ~~~~~

  • To KW: Becoz she is too rich in content LOL

  • 張相堅架 ?

    好勁啊 CS 姐姐.... @___@

  • Who ever started this post is a very immature and childish person. Are there other better things to do than wasting thread space for something absolutely nonsense? This post is rubbish in its manner that it shamefully ridicules a person who appears to have class. CheerfulSweetie, your elegant respond should have the provoker contemplate how shallow he or she is.

  • Can't you see the person who started this post is obviously someone who holds a grudge against cheerfuSweatie from other discussions ?

    Someone who is jealous of her because she is smart, friendly funny and whip ass ?

    The larger tree draws wind :D

  • 人哋又善良又有愛心又大方, 開 thread 個人真係好無聊!! 仲好小家!!

    but here's like this, full of losers (not all of coz, no offense)

  • so stupid......!!! I bet you are a upper ugly guy, otherwise why dont show ur face? such a loser....

  • 中北比男 replied @ 2008-05-06 9:27 pm


    以為出條on 9 thread 踩人, 估唔到咁多人支持CheerfulSweetie.

    KW真係on 9 港女.


    I agree. Too many HK girls wnted to date Federic but he turned them down. When Federic praised CheerfulSweetie here, these girls got jealous and attacked Cheerful. Sigh.............

  • If you wanna hook up with non HK girls, go kiss their ass. But dont you bad mouth hk girls here.

  • Federic

    CS 真係又靚女又好人..仲話自己未有bf...快d追佢la~~~ 不過.追唔到.....都唔好開thread呀~

    D色狼 同 餓狗成日追唔到人就唱人...好冇品ge~~~

  • she , has the beauty you don't possess

    she, has the treasure u won't understand

    有感而發, 亂唱一通,哈哈

  • woo i love oily CS haha!

    no matter how oily she's always lovely

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  • 你話我油, 其實背後有個故事架...

    話說小妹拍此照片當天幫動物協會做義工, 係街外企足成日籌款兼呼喻领養小動物.

    烈日當空喎, 又要幫小動物清理便便, 做左成日後, 話全體合照. 咁, 係冇任何touch up 下, 就咁油囉. 但係我覺得好有意義, 咪post 左做profile picture lor.

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