i'm a trade girl , i'm looking for some tg to be my partner

  • i'm a trade girl , as the topic , i'm looking for other girl like me also want to trade,and can trade at night time.

    i'll  put my email address here , i dun hope man send me email and ask me how much bcoz i already hae a long time trader..

    ladies ,  if you are interst pls send me a email , and i must improve my  infomation to tell you i'm female.

    my email is     lemontea203@hotmail.com

    i hope i can find you , thx all tg

    for protact your self pls dun show your email and msn here , THX

  • 十蔔~

  • i think u have to improve your english first, your message is lousy, i doubt anyone could understand it.

  • hi, why r ur email not available?

    I would like to seek a partner, pls send me email to


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