My bf cheated me and had a SL

  • I have been with my bf for 2 years and during the happiest last few months, I found that he had a SL for half a year. I was at his home or he was at my home every single day, I couldn't imagine or believe how he could still cheat on me.

    Anyway.. its half a year that this thing happened already. Though I broke up with him, he still chases after me. However, one night I was upfront with him and asked if he would break up with the SL and he gave me a very disappointing answer. That is he will get married with me but will still be with this SL. How ridiculous?!! 

    This girl was very gentle and caring to my bf and he did not ask him to break up with me at all, but share with me. Sometimes if my bf is going out with me, she will go home and not disturb us. I felt sorry for this gal also.. being so ... Anyway, now I chose to step out and they will keep going. I know my bf will still go after me until I found a bf.

    I hope you will all support me, right? Any opinion or similar experience.

  • why don't you find few more boy friends and then play 4P or 5P in front of your existing bf?

  • Hey Peter,

    I dont think its the best way. Treat good to myself and find a true good bf will be a better way out.

  • 咁賤...咪鬼要囉...

    我無gf架...要嗎? 唔樣衰but無$


  • the best way,

    pretend you have 2 SL now and inform your bf.

  • Seriously I am not thinking to take revenge on him because I did love him before. If this gal can be accommodating his bad temper and his "flower heart" I think my stepping out is worth.

  • no one will stop you if you insist on doing stupid thing, cokiii

  • Support you to leave your bf, do belive your mr. right still somewhere to wait for you.

  • I know what I am doing is right and the only right thing to do rather than involve in the 3-persons-relationship.

    But anyone thinks his thinking of having both at marriage is crazy? He said this happens in the real world, i know... but .... so sad to hear this.

  • 有第一次就有第二次架喇...算吧喇

  • reality is always sad

    you are not a kid anymore so face it and accept the fact

  • you're doing great girl!

    Your ex-bf is ridiculous!!

    Move on and best wishes.

  • hi cokii

    妳個 ex 超不知所謂



    下定決心, 斷絕來往



  • 以彼之道還施彼身,等佢試下個種滋味。我黎陪妳:

  • yea...that gal is also a tragic either..


    just leave

    and bless the gal...

  • its not only ridiculous but sick. Obviously, he needs more than just you and not true love for sure. be smart

  • Don't accept anything less than what you want.

    I agree with your stance to break up with him.

    He sounds like an idiot.

  • 你男朋友咁都得既?


  • you’re right

    it’s ridiculous

    u may ask ask how does he feel if you did the same thing on him

  • If you keep staying with him,he won't change a bit.

    He enjoys this situation and doesn't think that is wrong.

    I know a man who is like your bf.

    He gave me this reason: Truth is no one will JUST love A girl at a time.There is no "I just love my gf "theory.

    So why let yourself be sad for this sxxker?

    Move forward.

  • did you have sex with your bf ?



  • You do something great!

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