Be careful!

  • Andy Law is cheating the girls again, beware of him, sisters. He keeps showing off how rich he is and how rich his family.   But he is no money.  He cheated many tradegirls here.  He have a lot of  MSN ID and add U to chat. He get U out & cheat U by different way.

  • Anyone have his picture?

  • cheapandylaw? are U still here? why not post his picture in internet?

  • reporter,

    which threads that Andy Law has post in here ??

    if no, pls don't say it so solid la

  • pass by, the sunday post delete.

  • 無人講我講,呢個賤男andy law 愛貓的男人,佢用唔同id個msn add人.尤其係tradegirl.佢最鍾意cap人d相.約你出尼又話錢佢大把,唔係剩係要sex.不斷cork你d料起你底.從中捉你弱點,跟住比佢玩.重會呃你錢.向she佢巳經呃過好多人,有男有女.andy law咪以為叫she delete d thread就無人知你d賤野.呢d thread會唔斷咁出,等你個賤男無得向處搵食.

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