A playful man

  • A man is always looking for girls for dating ,sleeping.

    He pretends he is a good guy but the truth is not like that he acts.

    Wherever he goes or moves in,he will surf the internet first to catch some girls.

    In case he is alone there he can have some fun.

    Do you think he is indulged in sex too much or he is sick?

  • To me, he seems like someone who doesn't know what to do in life. 心裡的空虛和缺塊,讓他必須用這樣的方式去宣洩,去尋找那種滿足感.請問版主,這個男人的過往情愛或是原生家庭父母的婚姻是否不是非常的理想/正面/健康?

  • shoeshoppe,

    I'm like what you described except that I don't pretend to be a good guy. If girls sleep with me, it's mutual consent and we're both responsible for our action. I see nothing wrong with guys chasing and sleeping with girls met from internet. If you are scared, you can go offline and stay in your shelter at home without meeting anyone.

    It's your choice and I respect yours. I hope you can respect other people's choices as well.

  • Nothing wrong?

    You are not good guy I took it.

    But you are looking for one night stand it doesn't matter whaat I said.

    Some guy keep dating with a girl but looking for other girls without her knowing.Is nothing wrong?

    I respect your choice,of course.

  • shoeshopper,

    Relationship is between two persons. Once you're over 18, you're an adult and you should be responsible for your own choice and decision.

    If I sleep with a girl and keep it quiet, did I bother you? Did I make you mad?

    Of course if I were your bf, then it would be different. If not, what I do is none of your business and there is nothing wrong (to you at least) with what I do.

  • hey,I am not offending you.

    I just express what i think.

    I mean you refer is one night stand that is different with what I said.

    What I said is about cheating.

    if you feel bad what i said ,I am sorry,

    Forum is a place that people can bring up what we think.doesn't it?

  • @想:

    I think you are right .

    He had some difficulty with girls when his teen time.

    But I am not sure how about his parents.

  • shoeshopper,

    I'm sorry you're frustrated with your relationship. I don't think you have offended me. On the other hand, I think it's better if you don't generalize and be more specific in your topic so others can give you better advice.

    I have many gfs and I have been honest since day 1 I met them to let them know my true personality. If they leave me, it's their choice. If they stay with me, they can blame no one.

    May be you should think whether the guy you like is worth your time to stay with him.....

  • Federic:

    Thanks your suggestion.

    To be honest,I don't want a complicated relationship.

    If I love a guy then i hope he is my bf.(I mean more serious than casual friends)

    If he doesn't love me as much as I do.I won't force him.

  • shoeshopper,

    I'm happy you can think like that. I wish you best of luck finding your dream guy :-)

    In the meantimes, I'll keep looking for girls who share the same value as me. PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hehe,Can i bother you when I have question about "relationship "?

    I need a friend like you to give me suggestion.

    Can we talk on MSN? :)

  • You can send e-mails to pakfah@hotmail.com if you want to ask me questions. BTW, I'm not pakfah oil prince:-)

  • Thanks!!

    I will send an email soon.

  • shoeshopper can you add me for chat get_rich_2007@hotmail.com

  • shoeshopper,

    Just add u to my MSN list.

  • Federic ,I think I missed the time you were on line.

    I hope chat you soon. :)

  • Gentleman:

    I won't mind making friends with PPL.

    So I will add you.

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