should i stay or should i go ?

  • wat do u mean?

  • go go go goes

  • should i go while there is no more love ??

  • should i go while there is no more love ??

  • how long is your relationship?

  • 7yrs

  • not too short but not too long old r u?

  • how's your relationship now? bad? no communication?

  • how's your relationship now? bad? no communication?

  • Hi, Tiff:

    Just looking at your title, without even going further to read post. I can tell you are in a relationship that is "No Taste to eat, but may regret when put in dump".

    Times like this, let's not put an answer to it first. I think you should have your relationship cool off. A cool break. It is actually a very good time to rethink and restructure your goal.

    Often people may want to wait until meeting the 3rd person into a relationship and call it quit. But it is not fair to you, and your current partner.

    Call it quit when you have this "no taste" feeling. Maybe this cool break will direct where you want this relationship to go: either break up or rebuild it. Either way, it is good to have your mind refreshed.

  • Tiff> I did have one for 8 yr adn I decided to call that quit as well. There is no point to drag on and it is tough to continue. Furthermore, new challenger should be somewhere at the corner. Why bother to make yourself unhappy and got stuck in? Therefore, the bast is to call that a quit. Wait for the moment to come. If the mighty power does know what you are looking for......the moment will come again

  • Sweetie, add me for chat

  • tiff,

    Move on. Without love, it's no fun making love with your loved one.

  • tiff replied @ 2008-04-28 9:30 pm

    7yrs' ITCHES

  • No love, but enjoy the sex; stay

    No love and don't enjoy the sex; go

    If you are married; stay and see a counselor

  • sometimes... it seems he is not in the relationship anymore... but sometimes.... seems so....

    wondering the efforts i put.....

    is it worth now ?

    it seems we have no same shares......

  • 7 years relation and end up with no consequence

    you guys are playing each other for a toy

  • Tiff:

    Let's put the 7 years time spent together aside. Often people think because of so much time spent, it become a waste if not going further.

    Hey, girl, we are talking about there will be 40-50+ years ahead of your life! This 7 years are not relevant if you don't see a long future ahead of you.

    It is a sad feeling that the man you wanted to share your life with become a man with no feeling. Very dull, no taste. I am sure you have tried to revive this relationship in different ways. But if things are not improving. Don't look at the previous times together, look forward and ask yourself: is this THE MAN you want to share your life with many years ahead? Can you live with this man and the feeling for a long journey ahead?

    Take this 7 years as an experience. It is not a waste of time, You have learned and grew during this time. There are either 2 outcome: work out or not work out. In your case, things just don't work out.

    Don't drag on another 7 years and another 7 years on and on if you don't see future in this relationship.

    Good luck.

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