Quality male looking for quality female SP, pls come in & check out more about me~

  • I'm 32 married male seriously looking for a stable female SP (only), I'm educated and gentle.  Can speak both fluent Catonese and English.

    I won't say whether I'm handsome / good looking here because honestly it is a very subjective thing, but I have agreement with model agency and had a few times photo shooting for magazines and newspaper.

    Any quality female can chat with me on MSN: golden.sp@hotmail.com

    PS: There is no reason to lie about your outlook and appearance on the net as the truth will come out before the "wanted" thing happen, in return, I won't lie about my appearance to you of course =)

  • what is the definition of good quality?

  • As a married man but I still always have female around me in the office. I just don't want to have such relationship within the office as it is too dangerous to do so.....

  • I think my eyes are the best part of mine.....

  • eyes only?

  • here?

  • hi, ?

    you still here

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