Pls come in to share your SL / SP experience~

  • first time posting a thread here.

    I'm a male, early 30.  Married around 2 years ago and similar to the situation of many guys => regret to marry so early and think I can choose a better one to accompany me in my life, sigh~~~~

    Since the feeling with wife is lost, so had a few SL / SP after marriage.

  • So boring on this Friday afternoon, no mood to work in the office at all!~~

    Just wondering how people hide their SL / SP from their wife / husband? Any skills or tricks to share?

  • hi~

  • hello bebe, you have something to share? how many SL / SP do you have before? I recently found that there are many many people (including my friends) having such relationship in this world....

  • 傻bebe, here today?

    Anyone here today? It is such a boring Monday in the office...

  • hi jay

  • actually, what is SL and SP stand for?

  • hello may I call you Geo instead? your name is so long =)

  • SL = secret lover

    SP = sex partner

  • Jay,


  • Interesting Peach, okay of course =)

    Do you have these expereince before?

  • 我未試過架


  • No...but don't plan to do you so yet. Actually I discovered the very bad things about my wife after marriage but sometimes she is good to me, just think she is very moody, had been together with her for nearly 6 years la...feeling has totally gone already.

    How about you, are you married?

  • Jay,

    i totally understand how do you feel though i'm still single. Oh poor jay,

    no feeling between a couple just like you live your life with no soul.

    i can see how painful you are. You said she is moody, do you two ever talk about it? or you wife is not out-spoken about this topic?

  • That's her characters and I cannot help at all, so I was looking around for the feeling I about you? Did you have SL before?

  • jay,

    i'm so outdated, didn't try. may i know your生肖?

  • Peach, I'm a Rabbit, and you?

  • Georgia_Peach replied @ 2008-04-28 9:07 am

    I prefer Peach, more like pussy.....juicy.....

  • jay,

    I'm 羊咩咩.

    jay, may be you are not satisfy of your wife and marriage, at least you are not alone........

    You know what, everything seems so not alright lately to me. Broke up with bf, parents passed away suddenly, no feedback from job hunting......

    During the period, it is really hard to me. Others always think i'm independent. In fact, i'm not that tough, really hope someone can stay with me.

  • 29 years old Peach? or, 41?

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