Miriam Yeung shopping in Central today at 3pm

  • Saw her today. This is how I'd describe her:

    1) pimples all over face covered by thick face powder. But could still see the pimples, maybe the breakout is too serious so the more powder she put, the more terrible and dry the skin looked.

    2) Super BIG head and big face but small body (totally improportional).

    3) Terrible hair. strips of purple highlight, and very greasy. it totally didn't look like she made her hair greasy as a style but like she just didn't have a shampoo for days.

    4) super white powder, totally not natural. Like MJ kind of "White".

    5) taller than what i expected.

    overall comment - terrible. Now I'm amazed by the invention of photoshop and the skill of makeup artists.

  • she is always ugly ga la. Who cares about her.

  • 我見過佢兩次, 一次係酒店tea, 佢同助手一齊, 第二次, 係 causeway bay 名店廊 橫街 佢等緊保母車,

    無你形容得咁恐怖, 唯一agree 係個make-up好厚, 塊面好白. 同埋 兩次都黑口黑面, 同係電視見佢擘口大笑, 好大分別.

  • 闊太我又想識你呀~hahah~

  • 又唔係萬人迷,who cares about........

  • 壞情人 replied @ 2008-04-23 7:05 pm



    唔係好明你咩意思, 係咪我應該講, 有一次係酒店後門 拾緊紙皮, 另一次係名店廊 橫街推緊手推車送緊貨 咁呀

  • 哥哥風采,無人可及,最起碼佢從無要求人,這樣.......那樣........

  • 從唱功舞台演出,演技,待人態度,he's so brilliant!

  • 哥哥??? Lesile Cheung ?? 我地講緊 楊千嬅 噃.....

  • yes I saw her once too, Black mouth black face is very true hahaha....so "inch", who she thinks she is? cheap singer who can't sing.

    Yes her head is very big, not prportion, very weird. Legs very short. dont' know why her shoulders very small, like children. skin very bad also.

  • Actually, when I saw her today, she looked kinda ashamed and nervous about something. Perhaps its her skin. I think she's having skin problems these days or something. Seriously her skin was obviously damaged with breakouts ... and with the thick "white powder" on it looked terrible.

  • let's keep good memory of 哥哥!

  • Btw I also heard someone saying out loud after she passed by: "oh, Yeung Chin Wah ah, wah how come she looks like this.." (maybe that person also saw her breakout face?)

  • 唔係呀闊太係我賀係想識你同你傾計姐~haha

  • 小心你d言行,唔係你想點,人就要接受!

  • 想識人, 去交友網呀唔該.. facebook, hk.match, CNCupid....重有好多...自己去google search啦

  • 我上次見到佢覺得佢幾靚wo

  • 都幾靚, at least真人無走曬樣, 係make-up好厚 同塊面好白囉

  • Miriam Yeung ????

  • 闊太,

    (我見過佢兩次, 一次係酒店tea,

    有一次係酒店後門 拾緊紙皮, 另一次係名店廊 橫街推緊手推車送緊貨 咁呀)



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