Why most HK girls think their future husbands should support them?

  • I came back from the US and many of my married couple friends are treating their finances independently.

    I was surprised to hear from many girls in HK that they assume once they marry rich enough men, they'll quit working and act like a "Siu Lai Lai". They believe going to spa and spend tons of money on slim programs to make themselves look pretty is what their men want. 

    I asked many male friends, they are all disappointed that most HK girls lack the "essential skills to be a good wife" such as know how to cook, know how to take care of kids, know how to get along with their parents, etc.

    Why HK girls think their husbands should support them when they make no effort to acquire the essential skills to be a decent wives? An why they complain about HK men when they're equally no good?

  • If you prefer the american way, why dont you marry an american?

    Isnt it true that men want pretty women?

    And are you talking as a hk man, or an outsider?

  • well,

    I hate to generalize things but I just can't help notice HK girls' contradiction.

    On one hand, they want to be treated as traditional wives and have all the privileges (support from husbands).

    On the other hand, they want to choose only westernized culture that appeal to them, and ignore all the good traditional Chinese values: cook for husbands, take care of elder parents and kids, etc.

    But my point is, many girls complain to me not able to find quality men to be their husbands, but they never look at themselves in the mirror and try to "improve" their inner beauty. They think that their husbands love them because of their superficial beauty and look.

    So sad: even Filipino maids know how to cook and clean.

  • 好開心,見到你呢個二世袓返來,因為呢度近排好悶,對於你上面的問題,我答唔倒你,因為我冇咁既心態,actually我覺得徐子琪好可悲,俾人當生仔機器,可以幫我一個忙嗎? 你張相好blurry, 好礙眼, 換了它~

  • i think it's a fair deal if u want yr wife serve u better, and u need to provide more...... nowadays marriage seems not a relationship, it's a deal.......

    but also another real in Hk is, woman may earn more than man

  • hkgal

    "好開心,見到你呢個二世袓返來,因為呢度近排好悶 " ..... agree x 1000000

    "你張相好blurry, 好礙眼, 換了它~" .........這是 taste 的問題, 無計

  • hk gal,

    sorry I can't change my picture. I look too handsome in that picture and all my gfs like my new look.


    I admit some HK women earn a lot more. But their mentality is that if they marry a rich guy, they want to quit their jobs. I don't understand that mentality unless those high earning women indeed have the skills to devote to their families as traditional Chinese wives.

  • 香港女人一向都係



  • 我唔敢全部女仔都係咁




  • Thread Master: are you married? do you have a wife who you described as traditional chinese woman?

  • Federic

    "good traditional Chinese values: cook for husbands, take care of elder parents and kids, etc. "

    ========> 我覺得做得人太太, 無論中西輀應該具備

  • 呢個係利字當既社會造成既問題。


  • kind of agree with you, Fed, and be careful not to generalize every gal and turn this into a big debate, you are right.

    the thing is, a lot of HK gal think they are "superior" than the guys and they are entitled to enjoy the privileges and "be supported" by the guys, and sadly, they take these for granted.

    on the other hand, HK guys, for some reason, don't want to offend their girlfriends and keep them spoiled. I kind of like the real independent thinking of western girls, but of course they are more opinionated.

    by the way, not many girls can cook nowadays, and the worst is that the kids are being raised by the filipinos...

  • 而且最大的問係,男人都愛搵美女,好似搵到越靚既就越叻,變成好似女人最大的本錢就係外表既美麗一樣。

  • Guys, dont be so disappointed with HK gals~~ I admit that some of HK gals have this kind of mind~ but I belives that not at all~~

    Even such mind is not only on HK gals jei... pls be more open mind!!

  • 小Mie replied @ 2008-04-14 1:20 pm


    "good traditional Chinese values: cook for husbands, take care of elder parents and kids, etc. "

    ========> 我覺得做得人太太, 無論中西輀應該具備

    Glad to hear that you share my sentiment. May be I'm a 二世袓. Many of my gfs don't think I need a woman who loves cooking and cleaning, and these are Filipino maids' duties if they marry me. They said cooking and cleaning will "damage" their smooth skin and I won't love them anymore if they have rough hands and not so pretty face when all the oils evaporated from cooking will destroy the result from an expensive facial treatment.

    Frankly, I care less if their hand skin is smooth nor if they had an expensive facial before they date me.

  • after all, you will get bored with a girl 2-3 years if beauty is her only possession

  • The coins always have 2 sides. As you suggested, HK gal are superficial; because the enviornment allow them.

    Who doesn't want to be less chores. Everybody wants a easy way out. If a domestic maid will do all the work for HK$3000+, why bother to work ourselves out?

    The girls want to be "Siu 99" because that's the easiest and comfortable they perceived. Let there be no true love. Not just HK girls, isn't "gold digger" a word stem from westerner?

    I have seen wifes that are putting effort to become a better wife. Not all HK gals are what you described. It is not fair. But I have also see cases where HK gals are very materialistic and superficial.

    They get what they bargain for, if they are materialistic and superficial, let them be. Those men who buy them are as materialistic and superficial as well.

    A sincere girl will eventually attracted a sincere guy.

    Don't you think?

  • Don't blame it on the ladies, blame it on the culture and the corruption by the media where gossip sells like candy bars.

    7 deadly sins -Lust, Gluttony, Sloth, Greed, Wrath, Envy and Pride.

    Now tell me if most if not all of these human pleasures of sins are not promoted by the general public in hk. Unrealistic Penthouses, brandname desinger labels, top notch restaruants, abusive maid servics, quick money on stock exhanges, bus uncle, the haves and have nots. All of these are somehow related to the above sins and children are raised that way following the paths of their parents and learning from the value of this demented cultural norm.

    You want the best of both worlds? find an ABC and you would fare a better chance. In the meantime, it's counter productive to whine.

  • Federic, 我覺得你唔係幾老實囉。其實,要識呢d人並唔難搵囉。

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