Looking for makeup practice model/ 尋練妝模特兒

  • 我正在Zing the makeup school修讀進階化妝課程,我希望能在不同的輪廓上練習,如果你對化妝有興趣而有閒暇的話,可來位於中環Zing the makeup school做我的模特兒,時間可自由選擇,星期一至星期六每天下午2點至7點,每次須時2小時,可聯絡我: hang_ip39@hotmail.com,謝謝

    I’m taking the advance makeup course in Zing the makeup school currently. I want to practice on different faces, if you’re interested in makeup and have leisure time to be my model in Central, please feel free to contact me at


  • anyone interested?


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