i feel depress

  • (sorry for my english, I'cant type chinese at the moment)

    fd around me all are good, like they got dating, marriage, career, 

    i know it's no good to compare, but sometime while i'm alone, this feeling will appears automatically.

    How can i overcome it??

  • Hi:

    I feel the same most of the time and my solution are

    1. do something else to distract this feeling

    2. think of the others who is worst than me

    3. try to see the problem and find a way to fix it...

    hope this can help

  • think it as a normal emotion...many suffers this, but some wont show out...agree to do sth. u interested to get away from this feeling

  • hey i have the same feeling too

    always feel lonely and depressed,

    but everytime i go to do yoga then i'll forget all unhappy stuffs and then i can have a good sleep

    try it out

  • 寂寞, 尤其係心靈寂寞係好難顶.

    In the time being, 如果你還未有對像, 充實下自己啦. 如做有意義的事. For me, 做有意義的事是幫助別人. 施比受更有福, 好充實架. 從而由覺得自已好helpless,好孤獨, 而变得自己存在好worthy!

    有了self-worth, 介時, 你態度由灰变返有生氣, 咁自己的正面瓷牆可以attract 到的正面人和事.

    唔係想花巧玄, 但你現在咁depress,有好野都U-turn.


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