MBA guy want to find a SL seriously. Not only sex. Just wanna a lady can talk, hug or kiss warmly.

  • I'm clean. No SP or SL before. Don't have sex with other women before except my wife. 35 yrs old. 5'9" tall 150 lbs. Not fat. Non-smoker. we can talk here first. But i'm not available to talk here frequently. If you're interested in, you can send email to me as well:

  • Hi, a few questions for you,

    what makes you to find a SL now?

    what type of girl are you looking for and what can u offer to the girl?


  • MBA is Married But Available?

  • haha, cannot come here frequently. So, to see you also must fit into your schedule? When your wife is having period or when she is back at her mother's house?

    Afterall, all you want is the occassional sex when you are bored with your wife? Why don't you leave your wife's contact here so guys here can make her life a lot more interesting? Maybe you do enjoy the feeling of wearing a green hat!

  • haha

    how you know this? so clever you are.

  • Mandy

    what makes you to find a SL now?

    answer: when coca cola is not sweet anymore, u will still drink it?

    what type of girl are you looking for

    answer: Not fat no thin. detail minded, caring, love feeling...etc. actually depends on feeling

    and what can u offer to the girl?

    answer: warm caring, sweet and sweet.... depends on what you want.

  • what is your salary per month?

  • Yao


    less than 50k more than 20 k

  • Yao,

    Just feeling curious ... will you be interest in a gal who is 10 years younger than you and who is rather busy as studying a course?

  • Yao

    depends on feeling...

  • karen

    good morning~

    just like feliciano said: depends on feeling lor...age is not a problem but both thinking is more important lor...

  • I see, coz before adding you to MSN for further chatting, its nice to know if you concern abuot the age issue ^^

  • karen

    good morning

  • To me, i do concern if my dear would mind as I cannot offer much time to him during my study (a top-up degree in HRM)

    At here, i need to clarify if the age issue is one of the concern loh

  • karen

    nice to chat u here.. what is your requirement of sl?

  • Umm ... Hope Yao does not mind i type replies here to Danny ~

    To me, basically, i wish my dear could be mature, can take care of me, hug me & kiss me when i need him

    Coz having high requirement seems not practical ah :D

  • karen

    seem your requirement is quite simple, but for me : need feeling, match and communicate of each other first...

  • having simple requirement is enough, to be SL, i think it is necessary to have what you just mentioned loh

  • karen,

    yes agree with you.. need time to know each other first...

  • Danny,

    You are working out to find a SL mah?

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