i have be here for certain time and meet couple of people,frankly, really want to go with a quality!

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  • Lady, hows yr adventure to be here? romantic? remarkable? or disappointed?

  • fate, likely to communicate with acceptable appearance, is that too far???

    btw, hows yr opinion??

  • There is really no adventure here at all. Just a boring place for boring people.

  • i hv been here for almost half a year, frankly, i have meet several good good guys and gals via SHE.com!

    when u are talking about quality, what exactly u meant to? outlook? skill? personality? income? attitude to sl/sp? job? manner?

  • human being,

    haha, u hv the comment as u must experience sth not really cope with yr wish here then, right??? :-)

    btw, what u expect fr here??

  • here

  • depends on what you really come here for. if you just treat this place as "kill time", you won't lose anthing

  • here,

    as i mentioned above, i jsut want to meet sb who can communicate with acceptable appearance, is that too far??? :-)

    u r so luck as u can meet so many good guys here, maybe i m one of those u met b4, right?? haha

  • molten,

    totally agree, but it seems that Beyrsman is looking for some in "real".

  • molten

    u just want to kill time with nothing afterwards??? i mean seem inreality to chat in the air without knowing who is the one sharing,:-(

    btw, what u expect fr she??

  • hellaser

    u got what i mean, btw, what u expect fr she then??

  • Well, I really expect nothing from here at all, starting from the very beginning til this moment. Personally I don't even regard net friends as friends. After all, virtual persons should live in the virtual world. And I just believe people who don't even contribute don't deserve anything (I'm saying 'myself). After all, we just can't expect anything from others. The ones who can't be happy won't bring happiness. The ones who are lonely just make loneliness deeper. But whenever there're people, there are voice at least. Maybe the only interesting stuff here is I can read various points of view here. Perhaps people tend to be more direct without any identities. =]

  • I came here out of curiosity, didn't have any expectations nor did i come here with an objective to meet an SP/SL...yet, i met someone who means much to me.

  • master,

    i really dont think i hv acceptable appearance but still, the ppl i met here are still very "friendly" to me! lucky i am.. heehee..

    hellaser and molten,

    i believe that most ppl in here are looking for something in "real".

  • me? lol, looking for something which can make me smile as well as a place where can let me speak out whatever i can.

  • beyrsman,

    maybe i will be the one that your are looking for..


    and just wonder, how long u have been chatting here? and how many u meet? just curious!

  • wwwooooo... whats a long sharing, thx lot, human being!! :-)

    u r right, unahppy cant bring happy, lonely make even lonely to be here, that exactly my feeling to be here, anyway, forget all those expectation then, :-)

    how naked sharing u can be here as u dont hv yr identities now???

  • ol

    how u r so sure u r the one i m looking for????

    u will know what u r curious for soon, :-)

  • hellaser

    is that the place ehre then??? :-)

    seem u cant share whatever u like in the reality, right??

  • i know many people come here to look for SP/SL. Having said that, I think there are many quality people who are not as shallow..

    afterall, this is a good place for me to share some of the thoughts that i might not dare to share with real friends in reality.

    A human being - I dont quite agree with you that people you meet on the net can never be regarded as real friend. I have a few net friends who became real buddies . May be i am lucky?? :)

  • u meant here? i dun really think so.

    so, take your time and good luck! adios!!

  • molten

    again, anything u cant share with frds in the reality??? sth devil in yr heart???? haha

    btw, is molten a kind of brand name?? or hv other meaning???

  • Beyrsman replied @ 2008-03-23 11:15 pm


    as i mentioned above, i jsut want to meet sb who can communicate with acceptable appearance, is that too far??? :-)


    答得好實在, i like it!

    看似不苛的要求,但原來都吾係咁易揾架~ ^_^

  • fate

    u like my answer as i think u r searching the same as me, right?? haha!! anyway i seldom find one in my type....

    how abt yr expectation then??

  • ooo, sorry, u r green but not fate, right?? :-)

  • Beyrsman replied @ 2008-03-23 10:55 pm

    Lady, hows yr adventure to be here? romantic? remarkable? or disappointed?


    真係要試下先知自己想要 d乜..

    有時都好迷惘, 可能我女人事業心不重, 愛情又曾經滄海, 心未識定位~

  • 綠 = green , yes~ ^^

    仲乜叫我做 fate? 好驚 fate 依個字, 好無奈感....

  • greed

    真係要試下先知自己想要 d乜, what u want to try????

    just mis read the word, :-) then, forget abt the fate, haha

  • Beyrsman

    我要去瞓了, chat with u later~

  • green, good night!!

  • Beyrsman,

    yes, something a little bit evil that i sometimes can't really share with friends in reality :P

    you ever tried the molten chocolate cake/ warm chocolate pudding?

  • u want do not mean u can have it, i want A, but instead i meet B, B is also ok, u never try, u never know!

  • oooo... sorry haha, i just think its a volleyball, ahhahaa

    does it nice??? haha, i like chocolate cake too, :-)

    then, may share whats the evil mind in yr heart? :-P

  • here,

    haha, seem u should be a guy, hahaha, guys used to be greedy, u too?? :-P

  • just curious to know what acceptable appearance you mean?

  • curious

    somply speaking, sb who can make my heart beating fast, haha

  • volleyball??? :P

    the outside of molten chocolate cake tastes good but the filling inside is even better :)

    i think every one of us have something evil inside our heart, agree?

    ummm, probably something not too ethical, haha

  • motlen

    seem u still cant share whats really in yr heart in the public, ahhaa, want to share honestly somewhere? haha

  • sb who can make my heart beating fast, haha

    it is not according acceptable appearance only, i just think it is hard to make somebody heart beating fast, must charm and attractive.........

  • Berysman

    If you yourself don't have an acceptable look, from a girl's view not your own view, don't expect that you find the so-called high quality girls. Look at yourself in the mirror first!

  • ummm, tell me what do you expect from this forum first

  • heehee...master, i just adapt and accept what the fate brings to me only!

    btw, it is rare to find someone who can make me heart beating (fast one) in the 1st meet...

  • curious.

    hahaha, u geet what i mean, :-P ahghaha then, r u??? :-)

  • please,

    u seem now me, haha, how u know i m not handsome? haha

  • what is criteria of yr charm and attractive....

  • motlen

    i m expecting sb who has the same thought of mine, :-)

    then, anything will flow naturally :-)


  • curious

    think ppl nowaday has certain norm to define a pretty gal, big eyes, pointed nose, smile sweet, outgoing, considerate, slim body, right?? haha

  • here

    what fate bring to u??? handsome caring guys??? haha

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