by Feeling

  • Sometimes I wonder if I dreamed you up, 

    but then I roll over and see your smiling face and I know that you're real. 

    It just a dream

  • You still love someone?

  • Love always, but never be mine

  • thread master,

    mind to share a little more in here?

  • Like a star, you are already the star of my life, my sky, and my ocean. I will always need you because I cannot live without air, without water and without my soul, and you are all this for me. I love you and forever I love you. My body is still wanting to feel you and your hug and I will pray that this day won't come so late, but if it comes late, even this way I will be here for you and only for you. All my kisses to you my love, and dream of me... from a girl lost in love for you.

  • It is a pity for you.I have loved someone who couldn't be mine.

  • me2

  • thread master,

    r u the girl who get lost when u are both in love?

  • No need to pity....Love is all around.

    Sometimes she ask me why I love her and I don't answer.

    I know she must believe that it is because I don't love her, or I can't think of a reason, but it's just that when she asks me I don't know where to start.

    Our love was meant to be.

    There's no arguing with fate.

  • v_rossi:This is a big pity for humans.I still miss him.How about you?

    l'amouresttou:There must be a bit pity.Although love is all around,he still in my mind,in my heart that it affects me not easy to fall in love with other guys.

  • I have so much emotion in my heart.

    I never thought this would happen, never thought that it would be over, that we would say our last goodbye.

    I want you to know that she will always be in my heart.

    The times we spent together I will carry forever deep in my soul in the hope that one day we will meet again and still feel this incredible, untouchable, everlasting love for each other.

    The choices I have to make are hard and this decision is one that no one should have to make - the choice between family and the one I love. How? Why is this so?

    I leave her with this final thought … one day we will meet again under a blanket of light and purity.

    Our love will shine again once more and we will be free to fly away … forever.

    What I can say was Goodbye, my love. God bless you for all.....

  • l'amouresttou:You are a good man.I never meet a man such as you.

  • Thank you anyway.

    I've put off my friends and my family to be with her.

    Whenever she'd needed me to do anything,

    I've done it.

    I think that might be some of the problem.

    I think she expect me to do all the things for her , she doesn't appreciate them.

    My friend told as It's only going to cause me pain.

    Maybe someday I'll appreciate me and see how much I love her, but for now I have needto concentrate on myself.

    I need someone to love myself for a change.

    But never feel better for myself ...

  • I remember in the beginning how she treated me like a prefect man, then it All just stopped one day.

    Maybe reality caught up to us, maybe we just weren't meant to be. Never did I think it was possible to devote one's whole life to one person until the day that I met her.

    She was everything to me for the last four years, and now she can't be.

    It's not that I don't want her; it's not that I don't love her ... I just can't put myself through the pain and rejection anymore. I know that she doesn't understand nor do I expect her to.

  • I want she to know that I will always love her and I will always remember her as the one who taught me how to love with my whole being. I know it's hard on her; it's hard on me too.

    I hope one day she'll understand why I have to do this ....

  • l'amouresttou:I wish you can meet a gal who truly loves you.

  • My promise to my best friend , is that I will wait for the day, when all the bad memories are erased, when I can truly start anew, to carry on own lives.

    This is the only vision I have now, and the only thing that I look forward to now; to walk towards the path with my memory by my side again.

    However how about you guys ?

  • Why don't you write directly to her instead? What are you trying to achieve by writing all these craps here? That you are a very sentimental or emotionally-rich guy and trick gals' sympathy here? Or are you trying to show off your poetic skills?

    maybe you should just stop being so fake and put all your words in relationship board instead of being such a "Fake" person here.

  • l'amouresttou:Find a new one then start,this is the only way to alleviate our pain.This is the only way to let us forget him/her.

  • GiveMeABreak ; Excurse me

    All I wanted from the start was to comment of.

    Not only as you mentioned.

    As a friend, but with deeper, greater feelings as well I felt.

    Everyone has selectivity.

    So sorry for your words drop anyway.

  • Lena ;

    How honest I can say about as your idea of.

    No one can more undertsand who had this pain before.

    Nevertheless that 's the only way can go for the life.

    I agree but how much time you need to recover yourslef to come to this colour world again is the main.

  • Don't be such a pretentious dickhead (pardon my French) but what is your motivation here? To gain sympathy and hope girls will then fall for such plot? To show you are very rich in emotions? If you want her to know, then write to her directly.

    Who the hell is interested to give comments except those gullible naive girls to fall for such useless crap.

    Anyway, reflect upon yourself. Save yourself from further embarassment and be a man. Send the girl your "comments" directly. Stop being a fake guy. If you want to be fake, go to relationship board.

  • it's the self same thing...he can never be mine. he admitted that he has a girlfriend somewhere overseas....and claim that it's like an invisible one, just keeping distant contact. it was too stupid to leave me and his personal computer at the room for an hour....i have seen if all...

    how foolish i am...

  • lolo

  • GiveMeABreak ;

    I understand there are lots of different ants in the world and theer are so many doors you can go.

    None of the preson who push you to go any where you don't feel like unless some how was blinder , please respect yourslef and who in here.

  • l'amouresttou:I know we don't have have too much time,why don't we try our luck?Good things come to those who wait or try.

  • Lena: i never been so optimistic like you...the worst is yet to come is always my motto

  • No matter how cry for the god say.

    Human are carnal & emotion.

    suject can provide us the life to carry on with the other half.

    But never know the real half on behave.

  • Meli:We should be optimistic because life is a joy.Although there are some worst in our lives,we need to find a solution and try our best to deal with it.Our experiences and pains make us growing.

  • I have to leave now.

    I wish you like a song called Never Ever finality from me in here.

    Take care for all of you's & where the future is secure and all will be well.

  • Lena: thanks!

  • l'amouresttou:Cya.Have a nice day :)

  • Meli:You are welcome.We should support and encourage others when they feel sad or so on :)

  • how come we can see so nice but sad conversation here. Just out of my curiosity.....why this world could be so cruel

  • l'amouresttou

    you should let her go if she is happy without you! the greatest love of all is not about possession or obsession!

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