hihi i'm 23 years old girl 我有班令仔朋有想搞個sex party 姐妹們入泥睇下

  • 招 女仔去sex party  hkd 100 一位





    ladies only


    MY MSN AND EMAIL : looking4_3p@livemail.tw

  • 招 女仔去sex party hkd 100 一位 -> HK$100/head for what? the guys provide it? and divide to girls? or the organizer capture a big portion of the male's entry fee and left over for the ladies? this is cheap

    個度有大量型男 -> how many? how to define they are 型男 or not?and what are they, who are they, what do they do? how do i make sure you guys background?

    去到見到岩就可以上 -> 去到 where??

    我join左勒 -> how do i know who you are and what you are.

    how do i make sure this is not a TRAP?


    不限年齡-> even

  • PUSH...






  • 我地亦welcome情侶join咖~



  • 男的係米300HKD?

  • oh i think i can make one party like this without girl paying...hahaha

  • 我可以參加嗎

  • To girls:

    Sex Party = Probably Excitement + Risk of Aids + Risk of being raped

    To guys:

    Sex Party = Excitement + Risk of Aids + Financial Loss + Other Risk

  • go to sex party, to provide sex with so many ugly guys free, also girls need to pay $$....MY GOD!!

    騙財騙色 u better let her use your alias.

  • I can arrange one sex party with all the handsome guys.

    Girls are free, what want to join??

  • hey johnny

    appreciate with yout answer

    however, pls note that the girls also need to PAY for the party

    so the formula should be

    To girls:

    Sex Party = Probably Excitement + Risk of Aids + Risk of being raped + Financial cost (both money and time cost) + Risk of being photo taken

  • To: MoLoGirl

    HI~~ Nice to meet u... can i join??

  • just think the girl maybe too PORK

    needa to pay for some so-called "handsome" and "smart" men for sex

    or the girl doesnt need to pay any

    but need to hold some sex party to catch eyes from the handsome men she know

    so poooooooooooooooooooor

  • i add u la...

    want to know more details.

  • Please add me

    I hv interest to join....


  • Anyway, some questions:

    hw about the quality of member (both male & female)?

    If none like to sex with me,

    what can I do?

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