Seriously looking for an openminded female dating partner

  • I am a single 30s male.  I am tired having a committed relationship and do not want to deal with the pressures, expectations and responsibility.  I am single and am available to spend time together on weekends and maybe on weekdays too.

    I am not looking for cheap sleazy sex but I do enjoy having an intimate sexual relationship.  I know it is a big ask but I thought I should just try my luck.  Hope to meet someone soon to spend time together.  My msn is

  • 又有人想搵免費餐食

  • 唔係有女人會上當呀?


  • Anyone has no plans for the weekend and would like to get together?

  • I am tired having a committed relationship and do not want to deal with the pressures, expectations and responsibility.

    quite a funny description.

    well... the problem is not about whethere the relationship is committed or not, it's about the parties involved, i suppose. dont you think so?

  • princess

    I agree. I suppose expectations bring about disappointments and that led to endless quarrels. It is frustratig and upseting! And all the fights lead to nothing but only damaging to the relationship.

    It is a lot better and easier to channel energy to look for someone who one is compatible with than to use all your energy to change yourself to fit into others' expectations.

  • or sometimes we use all our energy to change the partner in order to fulfill our expectation. well, or it is actually the same thing? hahaha...

    anyways, better not to discuss about this too far on a Friday, or it would turning to be very philosophic!


  • True. Any plans for the weekend?

  • hey, did we chat before? your email looks familiar to me, although i dont add anymore.

    for tmr... meeting with friends. :)

  • VMe,

    Can you describe yourself a little bit? Thanks!

  • Carrie

    I am a very normal looking guy, a guy-next-door look. only 5'6" and 140lbs.

    Apologise that I need to run to attend a meeting. Hope to chat with you later.

  • hi carrie and daisy

    mind to add me so that we can chat?

  • i thought casual chat is also welcomed, hahhaa!!

    guys here are realistic ... very realistic.... LOL

  • princessdaisy,

    you are right

    no sex no talk

  • 版主就係度搵免費雞





  • no,

    the other way round should get us better result: talk and then sex


    anyways, it's my fault too as VMe stated clearly about seriously looking for a dating partner, i shouldnt mess up.


    sorry, 我唯一只係想搵水吹


  • 男人上sex forum, 唔代表佢地一定係搵free lunch

    女人上sex forum, 唔代表佢地想搵對像, 亦都唔代表佢地濫

    搵人吹水, 得唔得先?

    呢到d人, 成日都係咁 stereotype

  • this guy is crazy !!

    chat with him last night

    (11:30 PM) Vagabond Forever: many girls always feel afraid to be single forever once past 30

    (11:30 PM) Starry: when you are ready , all the good girls are taken

    (11:30 PM) Vagabond Forever: past 30, guys only look for those 30+ girls for sex only

    (11:30 PM) Vagabond Forever: guys mature still can look for good young girls

    (11:31 PM) Vagabond Forever: but girls grow older...less and less good guys to choose

    (11:31 PM) Vagabond Forever: becos the good ones all taken

    (11:31 PM) Vagabond Forever: but for guys..the pool gets bigger as he can choose youngrer girls

    (11:35 PM) Vagabond Forever: 26 still think you are young

    (11:35 PM) Vagabond Forever: haha

    (11:36 PM) Vagabond Forever: so many girls younger and tender skin too

    (11:36 PM) Starry: sure , same theory applies to you too

    (11:37 PM) Vagabond Forever: but always have girls look for mature men

    (11:37 PM) Vagabond Forever: successful career and rich

    (11:37 PM) Vagabond Forever: but hardly see guys looking for older girls to be steady gf

    (11:37 PM) Vagabond Forever: except just for ons or sp


  • why is he crazy?

  • haha, pretty nice to have such a crowd. Goes to show all sorts of people in

    As to Starry's post, I leave the views to people. No point entertaining an idiotic comment. Simply a waste of time to deal with a person.

  • Anyone still awake?

  • I am way over 26, too bad.

  • lady

    nothing abt the 26. was just teasing starry to piss her off.

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