A good-looking female senior executive making $100K a month

  • Case study: Do you think any guys are interested in developing serious relationship with a good-looking female senior executive making HK$100K a month?

    Age: 32

    Height: 5'3"

    Weight: 97 lbs

    Education: Degree holder

    Hobbies: Reading, travel...

    Why single now: Had several relationships before.  Each lasted for several years.  The last one broke up a few months ago.  The ex said that he was under too much pressure because his career advancement couldn't catch up with his girlfriend, though she didn't mind at all.

    (I am going to sleep soon and will only be able to respond to messages later.)

  • hi, i dare to apply, may I? haha... well, let's see if we can work out, what I mean is that I'm confident that I'm a quality guy... If you're interested, just add my msn: sharrpp@hotmail.com

  • $100k monthly...are you model or star ?

  • To star: She's a senior executive.

    Is it so rare for a female aged 32 to make such money?

  • 你係唔係會養埋我?

  • i-bank 大把...

  • I also make similar income. My ex also felt very stressed though I really don mind.

    I am even younger, taller, holding Master degree.

    Where are all the good quality guys in HK???!!!

  • here I am


  • I suggest ladies do not state how much income they are earning, as there are many money cheater here. Just be careful.

  • 我身邊有些女性朋友都有這個收入,不出奇,可信。

  • CYJenkins replied @ 2008-03-03 1:28 am



    The point is not about whether we should trust gals earning this much, the point is whether a guy can stand his woman earning more than him?!

    My experience is NOT. Pride is more important than everything. May be he did not really love me.

  • I wanna find such a guy...

  • Smallfoggy,

    Life is not only about career advancement or salary level.

    Actually richest people in hk like Mr. Lee, Mr. Kwok, they are also human being.

    If a person can appreciate what he/she is doing or having, then pressure will be reduced.

    The kind of environment the couple is in might be different.

    A lady earning such income in such age is quite rare, we might see it from statistics.

    If the bf feels like he cannot catch up with the career level, then it is his choice. He can choose to live in the most comfortable way he can be.

    "she doesn't mind" is not a solution. It is not about "the girl mind it or not". It is the girl love the guy and the guy love the girl.

    It is about whether the two person can communicate happily and can have similar goals or expectations in life.

    If they have strong enough bonding, they could fight with objections from surrounding friends relatives....etc.

    Where are all the good quality guys in HK???!!!

    The guy feel stressed might have different reasons.

    Also, I want to say that everyone would develop in their experience and career level or even they might setup their own business. No one can say how we would be in future.

    Just be positive and have the courage to overcome difficulties and if we are confident enough, we have a great future.

  • Manager,

    Pride is more important than everything. May be he did not really love me.

  • Stand - I agree with u.

    I never look down upon anyone who is earning less than me, becos income is a variable. No one know what will happen the next day. As a woman, I think if I love someone, I can accept his everything. But now I understand as a man, he prefers to keep their face/pride rather than a woman he kept saying he misses so much everyday.

  • If the guy willing to work hard and to learn and earn the best he can, that can be charming ka.

    Result is important, however, not a must to have guy earning more than girl.

    However, if the gap in income level is too huge, it may affect living standard or habit. So both have to adjust or try to resolve the difference. It is not about the lower income side to compromise, both have to work.

  • I think love is not depending on how much he/she earn. Today can earn 100K or more, does mean next yr or future still can earn this salary. Life is short, looking for the one you really love should be correct way. I think you should not mention about yr salary, find one really love u, not yr money.

  • obviously, you guys still haven't ecountered with divine love instead. for me, true love should be blind & endure...regardless of money!

  • Stand - I buy your point. I have come across similar problem in my last relationship. That's why sometimes it is not that the girl is greedy and want to find a e.g. Taller or richer guy. Just because guys mind.

    That's why some people still say that women shouldn't be too smart or too tall....otherwise will remain sigle forever!!!!!!! :S :S :S

  • Kuen,

    yes, no need to mention the salary.

    If a guy love the girl for the money, I would despise him.

    Finding love is certainly important.


    face/pride is just the opposite of inferiority.

    Dig out what creates the inferiority complex.

  • I always think smart and tall a very good asset.

    Although I know a lot of short people but who is smart and wonderful person.

  • gonnahell,

    you are lucky ar!

  • Hi SmallFoggy,

    I'm also finding a serious relationship, but my salaries is only 3Xk, may i have a chance to chat with you?

    172cm tall, 1978, 140lbs, normal looking


  • haha, I have yet to find girls similar height than me.

    For high income female working group, except business owners, I only came across a few. Mainly I bank people. They work long hours and actually traded pressure in work and instability in job with early retirement.

  • Stand, how tall r u? I am tall.

  • stand, glad to talk to u.

    no...i just wanna express my humble opinion only. but, it's unfortunate that i'm still looking for my ms. right...hahaha. how about u?

  • gonnahell, I thought you said that you are in a true love.

    WIsh you good luck ar.

    I have not. and I am not in a hurry for that.

    I do think of making more friends and expose myself to learn more and understand more about others.

    Manager, you are really a tough and competitive girl, as from the impression. Competitive is good, that might be why HK people are so successful in work environment. In fact, I think Singaporean more competitive too.

    I am more than 6 ft. Do you have 6 ft?

  • by Manager - 03/03/08 01:45

    hope I am superior than u, in all aspects

  • One more story to share.

    I do share with friends frequently.

    Whenever someone is die, he become ashes.

    No matter how rich he/she was, how much glory he/she has, how much results he/she has done.

    The only thing that matters is how much love he/she does given or affected other, the memory of him/her will be in the family or the ones that he/she affected.

  • the question of love and money is a never ending arguement... personally i think being able to live in a simple state of mind is the most difficult yet most important...

  • I never think that one is superior than the other.

    Say, Mr. Kwok is richer than me. I am younger than him.

    Mr. Wong's company is bigger than Mr. Lee in asset.

    Mr. Lee is having a nice kid.

    Mr. Wong's wife might have an allergy to eggs.

    Cannot compare people with people.

  • Recently I came across a female friend also experience similar situation.

    So there are a few cases of such more career woman vs weak career guys.

    It doesn't means that there is no career guys. Just most of them are married, some are not willing to get married yet, some are in stable relationship.

  • stand, thanks. frankly, my love or fate is not what i want it to be. anyways, there's plenty of fish in the sea. just take a wait and see :)

  • hi smallfoggy,

    i am 30 only , may a little bit young , i think i will not have pressure with such high-income girl, because i have got over 100K per month too , finance related field , just broke up with gf, if wanna know the reason , add : cooleung@gmail.com, have photo !

  • gonnahell,

    if you like fishing, then you know that there are lots of consideration to get fish.

    fishing cannot be a good analogy in love.

    Location, size and kind of bait, strength, timing, skills.

    what do you want to fish determines your preparation first.

  • Smallfoggy

    I am looking at your case study at a different angle. Your descriptions above had lead many to believe the problems with her relationships with her ex bfs were based on her income. Since all the diversions were aimed toward money, pride and chauvinism. My bet would be on the executive's character. Since she is making a resounding salary (HK standard), it is logical to assume she holds a prominent office position. She ought to be a very tough, determinant and hard pressed person. Could she be bringing her office politics back home to her relationships ? does she mix work with friends? Does she put more weights on work than relationships ? Is she too ambitious and obliterate every obstacles standing in her ways inorder to achieve her goals? If so, such character would subconciously be intergraded with others in her private life.

    You have left out many factors that may have been important reasons to her to backslides in so many failed relationships. My two cents is that her income is just a smoke screen and the truth is more than skin deep.

  • h98, Working hard and playing hard in HK, HKU.

  • barbiedollhk, excellent points.

  • barbiedollhk,

    a funny thing to share.

    Once I get promoted and I happily share it with a female friend.

    She ask me, what title you get? Is that a director.....

    I silent.... and then I understand that she don't understand...

  • stand

    Consider it a compliment cuz you must be regarded as a very competent person in her heart and mind

  • barbiedolhk,

    I go to wash my teeth.

    I do think of your point of compliment.

    It might be. I really didn't say anything about that and leave that incident behind and just still be friend and i do listen and try to help her resolve similar cases too.

    However, what i thought of is that there can easily be misunderstanding in communication.

    title can be a misleading thing. It doesn't really points to the reality of seniority in a company and size and scale of company all counts.


    I hope my statement about you didn't make you misunderstand too.

    Height, wealth, qualities are all just important. However, hard to compare.

    I am a little drawf in front of Yau Ming.

  • 100k can be a lot in some people's eyes.

    If we look around the world, we know there are more and more different kinds of income level, types of people, types of living, characters.

    I appreciate what I have, what I have done, what I achieved, what I can share with the world.

    With eyes wide open, there can be less emotional fluctuations.

  • stand

    I fully understand and totally agree with you.


    stand replied @ 2008-03-03 2:46 am

    title can be a misleading thing. It doesn't really points to the reality of seniority in a company and size and scale of company all counts.


    I'm a business idiot and my field is in science. But guess what! looks can be deceiving. I hold a title of director and I even have my business cards and registration to prove it. Its an offshore company and its has no workers nor assets. Does that prove anything?

  • Have to sleep la.

    Tomorrow wake up early.

    Smallfoggy, I am not sure if the case is yours or your friend.

    Manager, I wonder if you would like to in particular do something with your height.

    barbiedollhk, happy to chat with you and I do see some of your smart discussions before.

    gonnahell, tell me more what you refer to la.

    friends, I am so glad to chat here in english. Please feel free to add me: elf1233@hotmail.com

  • barbiedollhk,


    It is a funny thing that I know some young guys like to have a business card stating:

    CEO and Chairman

    certainly the company is a tiny one.


  • I had been glad to make friends with real businessman who are also humble and friendly to get along with.

    As long as people know how to respect and get along with each other, mutual benefit can be achieved.

  • stand, sorry...just back from a shower.

    yep...ppls are nearly always judge the book by it's cover.

    and im glad to participate in this moderated discussion. :)

  • stand, guess that you did go to bed...have a sweat dream then.

    already added u...and this is my mail: gonnahell2007@hotmail.com

  • lovely thread. Wish I had discovered this earlier before everybody seemingly... have gone to bed already.

    Looks like there are some intelligent people engaging here =D

  • Smallfoggy,

    I believe I don't mind to have a higher pay gf, as I also believe myself that I can catch this salary up sooner or later.

    I like what barbie said too,

    I had a similar experience.

    My ex is working as a manager in a company. She is so emotional that sometimes when we had dinner, she seems angry with me without any reason. She maybe stressed out from work, but I can't tell because she just ignored me, and angry with....maybe me?? I don't understand at all. In such situation, I always want to find out why, in case if I have done something wrong. However she just ignored me, and I will feel I'm unfairly treated by her.

    arguement could start just like this !!

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