Our very own thread, Kate, Pearl, Kenny, Peter and co., ... all are welcomed

  • Thanks to scopedog who's so generous to let us hijack his thread for so long ... let's start our very own thread ...

  • Morning everyone~~

  • can't find the thread anymore, so u have opened another one...good job! Can I join?

  • glad to see someone here ... morning and the day has just started ...

  • U must be kidding me, let u hijack the thread,so generously? How ironic it is!

    just like u thank a girl to hv opened her legs so wide oqen after u hv raped her

    U animals!

  • so u have yr Adult Party organised yet? how r u going with Kate so far? hahaha

  • not yet but close, we are planning on having a champagne party in Paris ... haha ... tempting?

  • Hey....don't use scopedog as your handle gigi..

  • Hm....Paris is already tempting...with Champagne...gees....really can't resist....

  • Haha, and it's not any champagne that we are talking about, it will be Cristal Rose with strawberry ... hmmmmmm ... want to join us?

  • hi all,

    we have our own thread, thanks kenny.

    let's organize our "Adult Party".

    ...Girls just wanna have fun.....

  • Sure ... let's do it ... with Net, we will have at least a 4P ... haha

  • didn't know we have our own thread now.

    luckily i saw it from the login page.

  • The thread will not be complete without you Pearl and your admirer Peter.

  • is 5P, including Net and Kitty....now we have 1M & 4F, you should be very happy, kenny. Oh, will you be another Edison, hehe?

    shall we invite scopedog to thank you for his generosity? maybe he is too busy with his gigi.

  • Oh yes sure ... How am I gonna concentrate on work today with the thought of that in my head ... wow

  • Gigi is not my only sl. Well l should have said sp which is more appropriate.

  • Hm...Champagne with strawberries....very very sweet....should we do a real party with these 2....

  • kenny, can you handle 4 ladies at the same time, hehe? Where do we have our party?

    scopedog, seems you have many sl and sp.....cool

  • I have never done that and I promise I'll try my best ... haha

    Well, I have my little dungeon which is perfect for the occasion ... trust me on that!

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