I want stimulations!! Any mature, intelligent, good looking, & succesfful man (above 36 & 178 cm+)

  • man wants to be stimulated too? If you are up for the challenge, you will be very lucky.  Don't come in and leave your MSN as that doesnt stimulate me at all.  I want more and you will get more if you are good.

  • why not make me a call at 6285 8934

  • Terrence, give you call is not hard but what is the fun if you just get me like that? I want to see you here and strip you bare before I dive deep into knowing you.

    What fun is there if there is no chase or foreplay?

  • why not chat in msn to know me more? jose1234@she.com

  • Jose, why not chat here and see if I want to know you more? Its not sexy to jump straight to that. I want more before the real deal.

  • Describe yourself so we know what we are getting.

  • I love to have fun and love surprises. I give surprises and men likes being with me. They feel good. I have deep talkive eyes and nice features. My body is fit with curves in the right places. Sporty and girly. I like men who can challenge me and in return, I reward them with blissful memories.

    You game?

  • You seem like a handfull. Dont know if I can stomach you.

  • Handful? I hope you are! LOL.

    You dont need to stomach me, you just need to fill me up. Now, I mean intellectually first, unless you are want to fill me up more than that.

  • Hahaha. You are such a flirt. Too bad I'm only 33 years old. If not I will stimulate you in all ways.

  • IC. Thanks for replying to me. You may think you can stimulate me but I doubt you can:P

  • I guess in she, men quality has dropped or just afraid to get something good?

    Have I come to wrong place today?

  • Tell me why you like mature guy?

  • Mature guy knows how to romance a girl, seduce a girl, and make her feel good about herself and her body with just a look and words. Mature guy seen enough girl to know what skills to use on her, I mean his actions and words and not what you image ~ ~

    What kind of girl you think?

  • Leave messge here if you are game. BRB

  • BJ sex for you is fast food or fine dining?

  • stimulations!!...


    is it a stimulation when you bj for a man when first time you see him?

  • BJ

    let's game!

    your serve

  • most mature and intelligent may not respond to ur post.., let's motivate us by more of your details...

    input = output..., are u attractive ?

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