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  • how do you know?

    are you making up story?

    where is the article?

  • 東方日報

  • 女友叫佢死心

    they just went to L.A. for casting; so, are you trying to say that they are breaking up?

    I dun understand why is everyone trying to push Edison to the end? He is wrong but who are we to judge? Can anyone of us here to say that we have never sinned?

    have u seen the photos? are you so flawless and so righteous?

    I believe that Edison would want to come out but his life is now in threats and get things solved. Yet, it's just getting harder and harder in his siution where most people push him to be.

    Everyone deserves a second if they truly repent!

  • ok, I read the article.

    but the same newspaper just said that they have been together all this while and Vincy is being supportive and all... blah blah blah...

    there was a rumour saying that they wanted to do silly things after Vincy's naked pics were leaked out... so, what should we trust...

    Yes... I would rather Edison not coming back to HK for a while if his life is really in danger... but there must be an end and so, he should come out.

    Who are we to judge if one should live even the person who has done wrong thing...

    Why is that such a mess... we are all sicking of it... it seems like HK is not a very safe place to live...

  • 我開始有D同情佢

  • 17/2)逼婚自保 女友叫佢死心 陳冠希割脈



    備受千夫所指的陳冠希,自床照於上月二十八日凌晨經互聯網大放送後,已秘密離港到美國避風頭。可靠消息透露,當日陳冠希即時飛往波士頓,向就讀波士頓大學的女友Vincy解釋,並指自己「被人害」,又聲稱「以前�落ぃ瓻Y無辜」等,好讓女友回心轉意。當時,因女友家人反對陳冠希前來波士頓,故陳抵達後並無暫住女友家,而是入住酒店。 知情人士又指,陳冠希在波士頓期間,不斷求見女友,更三番四次求婚,以示自己的決心,甚至以死要脅,幾度在女友面前割脈,要求女友下嫁他。事實上,陳冠希去年接受傳媒訪問時曾誇下海口,揚言希望在三十二歲時擁有二千萬美元,然後淡出娛樂圈與女友結婚,但床照風暴一發不可收拾,陳冠希為求「箍煲」謝罪,惟有以死逼婚。不過,女方家人不滿男方所為,故Vincy最後拒絕陳冠希求婚,並叫陳死心。 警方消息透露,負責調查案件的商業罪案調查科科技罪案組,一直有透過陳冠希在港代表律師與身在美國的陳冠希聯絡,並建議他盡快返港。不過,當傳出有人已向陳冠希發出江湖追殺令,其父親陳澤民曾透過中間人疏通不果,故陳冠希迴避返港。 改往溫哥華助母搬屋

  • 陳冠希一直收到迫令他回港的電話,經過連番周旋後,他原本聲稱與女友度過情人節後便現身,並原定於美國時間二月十五日乘飛機回港解決問題,惟臨行前又改變主意,向代表律師表示要協助母親搬屋而暫不回港,亦無交代正式歸期。 據悉,陳事後向警方聲稱收到他一旦返港後「有人對他不利」的恐嚇,亦擔心自己會由助查變成受查,故與警方展開「拉鋸戰」。警方現時相信陳冠希短期內不會返港,正透過其代表律師再作磋商。知情人士透露,陳冠希現時的確在溫哥華協助母親搬屋,由於床照早已在全球網絡「流傳不止」,海外華人社區亦議論紛紛,居於溫哥華的陳母Carol因事件而飽受困擾,故早前已另覓居所避靜。

  • We do not agree what he has done but why all the girls are victims are Edison is the only devil?

    Those girls were ALL posting for him and there are more one collection of PG, BoBo and Gill; so, are they forced to do so?

    This is very sad for all of them as no matter how crazy it was of what they had done; they do not deserve this.

    Everyone has him to come back; if we were him, are we dare to come out when you know that your life is in danger? Why should he be the one who bear the whole mess?

    I kind of believe that he might do silly things; most people would if you are bearing the pressure that he is now bearing!

    Leave him alone and thus, he can have a chance to make things up again!

  • 我都覺得陳冠希好無奈,佢衰d乜?!其實佢都係蠢姐,�垠�脑去整。好過阿嬌扮天真。

  • Something I dun understand...

    Most girls, to be more precise; those girls who get exposed are encouraged and supported...

    Whatever comments to Gill; to PG and BoBo, people are kind so far but JUST EDISON ALONE; everyone is condemning him!!!

    He was taking the pictures and the girls were posting for him???!!

    I think so, 陳冠希好無奈... are you dare to come out if 返港後「有人對他不利」??

    If the article is 'true'; it sounds like Vincy is leaving him...

    Who else can help him?

  • from another thread:

    whaoo replied @ 2008-02-17 1:31 pm

    Trying to play the victim, just blame Edi tricking an innocent, naive, stupid little girl, see it coming anyway.


    It's sxxks; they have been together for 5 to 6 years; she has been so naive for all these years?!

    As I believe, everyone deserves a second chance but they repent but either Gill or her company just tries to shift all the blame to Edison.

    Gill deserves her privacy and we all know that it's all image but why are they still so naive and think that we are all stupid to believe that she was set up and cheated?

  • 其實拍同同意被拍的一樣, 點解拍要比人話, 被拍可以扮受害者

  • 佢會自殺?以佢之前作風,我就唔會相信啦.....就算係真,佢都係佢條女面前扮下野咁者

  • 記住!你們....不要...那 麼 傻 那 麼 天 真 )))))

  • 其實拍同同意被拍的一樣, 點解拍要比人話, 被拍可以扮受害者

    完全係囉! 佢地咁大個人影唔影係佢地選擇,無人可以逼囉。同埋唔係一句"好天真"就攪點,唔講好過講,做戲又唔做全套,一d都唔認真。影衰曬d女仔。

  • so, you dun have to believe if he is really committing suicide; or, he doesn't deserve to bear all these blames alone to such extent;

    Frankly speaking, most people would have gone insane if we were him. It's no joke here...江湖追殺令!!!

    He is losing his career, reputation or I should say almost everything... 'coz he tooks the photos for those girls who were posing for him!

    by the way, what's happened to HK; how am I supposed to trust the reports from the newspaper...

  • 我都開始同情佢, 因為阿嬌已經想將所有責任推曬係佢身上-

    阿嬌在淫照事件爆發的第16天,出面發表1分鐘簡短聲明,昨《明報周刊》報導她在露面前足不出戶,每天將自己鎖在房內,只有經紀公司英皇老闆楊受成和高層霍汶希及阿Sa 3人能與她聯絡。後來是霍汶希強迫阿嬌見人,要親友到她家拜年,她不得已走出房門招呼親友,才逐漸與外界接觸。


    再加句好天真好傻, 呢舖edison真係頭大

  • From: 可憐


    When did Edison admit to the media that he is going out with Vincy?

    "只要他喜歡的事她都會做" - haha!!

  • Cowards don't deserve sympathy. At least he should come back and clean up the mess as a man. All are results of his concisou choices... including messing with triads. If he's killed, it's ultimately his choice to be killed.

    He's a coward anyway.

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