Is it reasonable for a married man to seek sex from an alternative source if the women he loves

  • and adores no longer wants sex or has any interest?

    I hate the idea of going with professional ladies, and do feel guilty about finding another, but I find it hard to go without sex...

  • get divorce and find your new love with sex

  • not the answer... we both love each other very much, just the sex that has gone. Marriage is more than just being about sex....

  • then you can have your marriage without sex...

    or one day you go infront of your wife, ask her...what if i want to have sex with another lady...ummm...see how she answer you ~

  • do u hv a good talk with yr wife..........

  • think it takes effort to keep 2, cheers, :-)

  • we do talk with each other, we are best friends and to be honest she is the only one that I want to spend the rest of my life with. But we tend not to talk about sex..

  • i can understand what is yr suitation now, just like roommate as same as me, will respect and care each other right

  • exactly right...we care for each other and we respect each other so never want to speak about something that we know will end in tears...

    are you saying you are in the same situation?

  • i know what u mean, it's sad....

    but think about if you got another girl just for sex or whatever, you will HURT her...

  • are you saying you are in the same situation

    yup, so i understand what is yr feeling now

  • so did you find a solution in a sl, or do you just put up with no sex? its OK if you dont want to answer that...

  • 35lady

    try work things out with him, otherwise separate(cut loss) with him....

    i went through those days also

  • Kelly

    i think i will not separate with my hubby,i treat him as my buddy in my rest life.......but like a roommate and good buddy only

  • just a guy- well i did, i hd one Sl before but broke already.......

  • but you are still young and i guess so do your hubby

    then i think you should sort the problem, cos you still have a long way to go with him

  • Kelly

    i did and hd talk wtih him before but no good answer.........and i dun want to make us unhappy under this problem again.......i think sex is not the basic to fix the marriage

  • I understand what 35 lady is saying. Everything can be fine in the marriage, and your partner really is your best friend and life partner, but the sex is no longer there. Marriage and happiness is more than sex... but sex is a requirement.... sigh

  • just a guy

    is it acceptable if you found out your wife has been having sex with her SL (assume she has) behind you? If you are ok with it, then it is acceptable for you too.

  • just a guy- bingo and tks

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