Good-Guy looking for Good-Gal to start SL relationship

  • Hope to find a long-term SL, who's going to treasure a loving relationship with me.

    About myself:

    31yo, 175cm, not bad looking, educated, gentle and back from overseas.

    Seeking someone:

    32 or younger, also not bad looking, able to communicate.

    My msn:

  • "long-term SL"... you mean wife, right?

    "back from overseas"... where have you been these years?

    "able to communicate" ... we all are able to talk somehow, do u mean "good at communication"?

    Well, Good-guy, I wish u good luck here. Ladies in have a high expectation and a nice sensation of taste that is a formidable challenge for SL seeker. Polish your words first before fishing here.

  • Alien, what's your problem, if you are somewhat stressed from whatever reason, you are more than welcome to open your own thread to express yourself. No one cares nor appreciates your presence here messing around with other people's thread.

  • Good-guy: language are the clothes you are wearing now. We won't walk into a grand ball room looking for ladies to dance with ragged clothes.

    Dress up, try again, repect the ladies here.

  • Alien, guessing that you are a female, I really don't know what gotten into you to be so abusive... Never mind, you are more than welcome to find whatever you are looking for here, but if someone is willing to get to know about me from whatever I have posted, I have sure she is looking for what I might have to offer. If that's not what suits you, then honestly, you are more than welcome to find whatever that does for you in this place, but I'd appreciate if you respect others posting here.

  • what is your salary per month?

  • helen, though I do make $1m+ p.a., I do not want to build my relationship over $$.

  • HK$1M per year is just common in HK, most of my friends earn more than that

  • helen, I never said anything about me making a lot of money, neither am I looking for someone who's looking for a relationship based on money. May I ask why you are so conscious about how much I make?

  • money is the most important in the world

    on 9

  • helen, if money is so important to you, why don't you go one the sex board looking for trades, I think that's probably more suitable for you. Good luck there.

  • Good-guy: I respect people telling the turth and being honest all the way. I serve my comment with you as if I am the one who you are looking for.

    But I could not fill the holes in your logics and the language doesn't match your description. I am sorry.

  • I wanna know some ppl that he could earn more than HK$5M, that's why I come here

    clear now?

  • I think a good guy should be faithful to his wife or girlfriend, he won't find secret lover, why he wants an underground relationship? I'm so confused, what is "Good" guy?

  • good for free meal

  • Alien, that's ok, if you don't find the words in my quick posting to be of interests to you, there's nothing that can be done, and I respect that. It could be just a matter of fate, and potentially you will find someone of your choice in other threads, and if what I have said is not what you are looking for, then I'm sorry to disagree with your last comment that "I am the one who you are looking for", becos given that we've never clicked, then how can you be someone that I am looking for? I am sorry too...

  • Doris, pauline, you will be surprised of how many married/attached girls go out there to find "free meals"... Just becos they are not posting, it doesn't mean that they are not looking...

  • why don't you go home to find your mother or sister, they are horny and waiting for you

  • All I'm looking for is someone who's also attached but no longer feels the love and willing to have a long-term relationship where we would be together like bf/gf. I'm not trying to cheat anyone into bed, but just want to get the feeling of being in love again.

  • Doris: I suffer from the same puzzled feeling when I first read this thread.

    Pauline: I tried not to be that harsh to "Good-Guy" but that seems to be a better explaination.

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