Just wanna find out whether I am lucky tonight...

  • It has been a long while I haven't come here.  I thought I won't come here again and yet it is damn boring and lonesome tonight..

    If you are lonesome and you love to chat with an interesting guy, here you go.  See you in MSN:  jackhk1976@hotmail.com

    Hope that I am lucky today..  =)

  • I should introduce myself. I am 31, quite sporty, humorous and talkative.. (well, it depends on my mood.) I love golfing, clubbing, trying exciting stuffs. I look better than a monster and you may find out the truth by yourself..

    Anything you wanna know =) Are these things important?

  • oh.. really no response. Is this thread too boring.. or gals here not looking for chat mate?

  • sex版男人多wor...



  • Gal,

    Then which type of gals are you? Looking for fun here?

    Yes.. I am trying to ignore those all-men threads. I don't know whether posting my MSN in those threads will be randomly picked. So I wanna test my luck by adding my own post.

  • Gal, forget to say "thank you".. u are the only person leaving a message so far.

  • hi jackadandy,

    what's the meaning of yr name? so loooong. :P

  • 我呀...得閑上來傾兩句咋





  • Daisy,

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.....

    Jack-A-Dandy is a fictional comic book super villain created by writer Alan Moore and artist Rob Liefeld, as guided by Mort Weisinger. The rogue is modelled after the Joker and the Riddler to be the archenemy of comic book hero Professor Night, a tribute hero the Batman mythos.

  • Daisy,

    by the way.. I am not educated and absolutely don't know where Jack-a-dandy originates from. I just remember it means.. 花花公子.

    Simply call me "Jack".. =)

  • Gal,

    There are different kinds of people.. Just find what you wanna look for.

    It has been quite a long while I haven't posted stuff.. originally, I was told by friends that we can find partners who wants excitement and fun.. That's understandable.. but you are right. it is too disgusting to tie everything to sex.. Ignore them!

  • jackadany,

    seem u really a happy person, congralulation !!!!!

    i thought you are not too old, i guss u're under 30, right?


  • Apple / Daisy.. are you the same person?

    Well, I don't think I am a happy guy. but I guess today it looks not too bad.. Honestly, I am not a person easily feeling lonesome and down because of my work or other stuffs.. Not to mention it.

    Well, I am 31. How about you?

  • jack




  • Jack,

    工作唔滿意? What's your job?

  • i would ignore yr first question, hehee.

    icic, but how come made you come here again tonite, can share a bit?

    luckily, i'm younger than you. do u have interest to guess guess?


  • Gal,

    It is just a word starting with "Jack"... I wish I can afford to love many girls but actually I can't. I wish I am qualified enough to be 花心!

    Of course, definition of "love" in this statement means "commitment".. =P

  • wow...so many ppl there now

    I'm afraid you're too busy to reply all of us^^

  • Daisy

    I guess...you are 26?

  • Lemon, My job.. not to mention this boring thing too much. it is about investment.. Don't get me wrong, it is not as exciting as your daily trading.

  • gal,

    nice to meet u ^^.

    oh, you lost. a bit elder than 26.

    how about u? can give me some hint for yr age too.

    i think the webmaster is busy now, okok, let's chat without him la.

  • Gal,

    Not very busy in replying. just got something to do.

    It's snowball effect. The more you have, the more you get.. On behalf of all audience, thanks for your first response.

  • Hey, who wanna chat without me? =(

  • the answer is .....someone who are you don't want to chat with the most. :P

  • Daisy,

    I am here today because I have a computer with broadband (or 56k).......!

    okay, be serious. I don't know why i feel lonely and wanna look for some excitement.. when I am home alone but not in good mood to go out. I just want to make some new friends... certainly, if i can choose, i always prefer pretty gals than ugly guys... easy to understand? =)

  • Daisy

    icic...you said "luckily, i'm younger than you"

    so you are nearly 30?

    haha, I'm younger than Jack several years...


    hehe... it's ladies' talk now

  • Daisy,

    Oh yes..to answer your question.. well.. I forgot the most important reason.. I wanna test my luck! Do you see the thread subject?

  • Jack

    but how about ugly girls?

    maybe I'm too ugly so that I just can stay with the computer all day long......haha

  • Okay... let me participate (if you don't mind, pretty ladies)..

    Daisy, I guess you are 28..

    Gal, I guess you are 40!

  • Gal,

    I don't really think there is a big correlation between being ugly and staying with computer.. I guess I am not too bad but I am here.

    of coz... if you can choose, you also want a handsome man, right?

    btw, do you come here often? posting thread or just read the others?

  • oh...how come you guess I'm 40??-_-

  • Coz I don't think you are 50.

  • sure...it's just an assumption

    if I just want to have a chatmate, it's better to have a wise man or even woman...the appearance is not too important

    hey, Daisy's gone??

  • come on... I'm younger than you

  • I've just finished a fiction, the female protagonist is called Daisy^^

  • Gal,

    oh.. you are younger.... i see......... are you 27 =)

    Have you met any guys here who is more than a chat mate?


    are you here? Gal is looking for you..

  • But Daisy is called "apple" sometimes.. check the history.

    Lemon's gone too.. after checking my job.. is she a head hunter?!

  • Gal,

    btw.. you are another Gal different from the first Chinese-typing 'Gal'?

  • sorry lady and guy,

    some disconnect problem, sorry for keep you waitig.


    clever girl, i's alomst 30 lor.


    are u attached? i think you just miss a partner to cheer you up.

  • Jack

    a bit younger than 27:)

    I haven't go out with any guys I know from internet

    cyber love is a bit unrealistic to me

    oh yeah, maybe you can have a chance to change your working environment!!

  • icic, just gal waitg for me and without u.

  • daisy

    haha, then let's continue our lady's talk

    ignore him la~~

  • Hey.. it was my turn of network problem.. i am back, and welcome back, Daisy..

    Gal, lady's talk is too dry!

  • Daisy, answer your previous question.. I haven't married. I have been in a relationship for a long time.....

  • give him one more chance la.

    so poor that only 2 girls chat here, ppl wl think we're not pretty at all.

  • hey, who said you both are not pretty at all..

  • how long of the relation, are you going to marry her?

  • daisy

    oh... I have confidence that ppl won't say such things if they meet me face to face:)


    and now?

  • Gal,

    honestly back to your preivous question.. I don't think people here want cyber love. They just want to find something real to them in another reality.. no matter the thing is love or sex.

  • Daisy,

    quite a long time with her.. several years already. How about you? Married yet?

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