Want friendship with guys between 35-45. You should be mature, intelligent, successful, very confident, have no problem communicating in English, and drive a car.

  • i m only half mature, half intelligent, half sucessful, half confident,.......but own a "full car" , may i?

  • hi man

  • hi..........Jas

  • jasmine,

    mind to tell how o u r?

  • hi, jasmine

    i am 36 , 183, a lawyer, handsome,, drive 911

    living in Kowloon tong, wht about u?

  • hi mr. li,

    around your age. petite, sexy feminine. professional.

  • Mr li, hope you are not a bald man!

  • man 40

    Mind to chat?

  • kit,

    sure. y not ?

    shall v chat here or messenger?

  • hi man40...

  • jas,

    yes, what can i do for you?

  • man40

    Maybe here first?

    how r u today?

    Why u said u r half mature? Yr way of presentation interest me

  • hi lady,

    add me..to chat to see if i am the one you want.


  • kit,

    firstly, the thread is looking for man between 35-45. i m in the middle.

    secondly, though i m 40, i "behave" as a kid. or simply, "kidult" .

    funny or not funny ?! kekeke

  • how old a u ?jasmine

    can u show me yr detail plz

  • man40

    Kidult? Really? What do u do in leisure then? Mind to tell?

  • kit,

    anything i havent tried before lor...or i m interested in now

    TV games, nitendo, badminton, football, flying kates, walk around

    in the countryside, sunbath.......u?

  • man40

    I see, thx for yr reply, i seldom play tv games, maybe no one to accompany with la, playing alone could be boring

    Take a walk at the countryside sounds better to me

  • Sorry, hope doesnt mind me joining in:) Got attract by Jasmine want of such quality man. Dun think she has many but good to see if there are somes.

    I laugh reading Mr. Li's detail n 911's reply. So funny!

    Man40, your detail is smart n funny too. You seem have so many hobbies, why bored today?

  • kit,

    of course, outdorr is good to health...but still indoor to balance mah =====> outdoor to train the muscle while indoor train the "brain" mah.....u see !

  • hi LostnFound

  • Jasmine, did you find your quality man yet? It seem hard to even find a mature man who can understand our thoughts. Sometime they seem more lost then we are here:(

  • man40

    Maybe I am someone who got no brain, I am not smart at all, hee

    i heard wii is fun to play, have u try it too?

  • You should be also feeling very confident of your own ass and not afraid to let me screw it deep inside out. You should also be financially very stable to support a porkchop that you don't like much.

  • LostnFound

    yeah it's difficult, sometimes when one's smart then he's arrogant, when he's not arrogant then he's naive, ......it's very difficult. westerners seem to be easier, but then i prefer yellow

  • ok...if you guys are smart enough, the following message wasn't posted by me...

    You should be also feeling very confident of your own ass and not afraid to let me screw it deep inside out. You should also be financially very stable to support a porkchop that you don't like much.

    by jasmine - 12/09/07 17:08

  • hehe, you are very straight n funny Jasmine. You sound like someone who know wat you want bor. So far I just chat with some men here as friends. They seem nice n very friend. But also meet 1 or 2 guy who are crzy. Hor Sad or.

    I prefer yellow skin too:) I like men who are mature n tall n manly but need to have a brain n romantic feel ga.

    seem we have lot of common things, nice or.

  • Jasmine, ignore those people la. That why I always use nickname so no one can be me n write stupid msg lor.

    So waste time those bad people.

  • kit

    i am still in the cross-road to buy wii , ps3 or xbox ?

    wii is quite funny but it's a action games of most.

    hahaha, if i get a good bonus, i buy all ! believe it or not !

    by the way, i m playing the ps2 (football) / psp (war-games) and nitendo games (zoo-keeper / mario car-race) !

    hahah...fun fun fun !

  • LostnFound

    So you're a girl? you do understand it well, hard to find someone who has a brain, not arrogant, and romantic, plus goodlooking if possible.

  • man 40

    Hi, i still have no news about your long term trade with me, you has say that 20k is not a problem for you but i never received any reply yet??

  • Man40

    Hey i play the mario cart too, never feel bored with it :)

    Buy them all? I bet u have a very busy new year

  • lost n found,

    pardon me i overlooked your message.

    y bored today? i m just back and m in hurry to to complete a probject which spend time of "waiting" before a PC. after this, i go out lar.

    by the way, i guess u r a MAN while Jas "says" u r GAL ?

  • bb gal,

    guess u r one of the ONE reading this thread and "replied" the thread here. but now u r using a fake name to......

    hahah...r u in jealous of .....

  • kit,

    mario? buy all ? not yet. honestly, kids are my challengers !

  • man 40

    I still waiting for your reply, otherwise I will looking for other supporter!


    man 40 only want to trade, don't give him free lunch.

  • no no no, I am a girl. I hope my picture doesn make me look like a boy:( If yes, I am dead!

    Jasmine, I am a girl, very much so. I can share some other pics if you like to prove it, hehe.

    man40, I play wii too but for golf n bowling. Its fun but I like racing n shotting ships more, hehe. But I dun have them now so cant play.

  • man 40

    You should know who i'm, i'm not jealous I can looking for other supporter but I should let other gal know you want FREE TRADE ONLY!

  • man40

    U were talking abt the NCs game riht? The mario car race

    Those kids really r expert on video games nowadays , haha

  • typo = nds game

  • bb gal,

    strange gal. by the way, look like your english ......(though i m not good)

  • lost n found

    guess i "will" like wii too.

    by the way, i can guess you are a "tall" gal, around 5ft7 ?

  • bb gal, you sure you got the right man40 ma? Its a alias n many can use. Well, if its him, ths lor, we try to careful:)

  • wow, man40, you are good in guess bor:) How you know? You how tall?

  • man 40

    Yes my english is poor, but i never telling lie not like you! you married still looking for trade and free lunch? Shame on you.

  • bb gal...


    i am 32.....do u mind to talk?

  • Jasmine, you stil here? You dun wanna chat with me since I am a girl?

  • Lost

    You can ask him whether he is married and want trade or not? But i am sure you never have an answer from him lor!

    Becareful !

  • Kevin

    for what?

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