A lonely Ex Rich & Sucessful man just want to have a chat

  • I've been there before,  having nice cars, prestigious aparments, educated in private boarding schools, flooded with nice girls by my sides, ate the best in hotels, offered the best to my friends and nothing matters now cause everythihng is but a fading memory.

    It amazes me how many girls in here are looking for my type of credentials.  How people greed and climb the ladder sacrificing their bodies and souls, all for vanity.

    I'm just a 34 yr old man who lost everything but yet quite happy to live a humble and honest life.  You are welcome to discuss with me the journey I went through in life.  Sex, money and politics. Whatever

  • money is not everything, once I know a rich guy, but I am not happy to be with him. I am much enjoy my life now.

  • me

    Congrad! My advice " the Love of money is the root of all evil"

  • I don't love him not because of his money, he was not that rich when I met him. Anyway, it was the past.

  • Me

    Great wealth brings great responsiblities. I failed that test. Perhaps those riches changed his character for the worst rather than the better.

    Then let bygones be bygones.

  • I think so. money is not at all for the life. I'm so enjoying my single life too. However I had a rich bf before, but i don't feel happy. he just can give me gift, but he couldn't give me what I need in my heart.

  • I think so. money is not at all for the life. I'm so enjoying my single life too. However I had a rich bf before, but i don't feel happy. he just can give me gift, but he couldn't give me what I need in my heart.

  • amazing......can you tell me about your story?

  • Girl

    Well if he failed to satisfied your needs, you cannot blame him because he has money. However, if his Process of acquiring that money, thus neglecting to give you affections, money is to blame. Moreover, if his wealth lead him to drown himself in the world of temptations (such as women), you would rather him be poor instead.

  • Koko,

    To make my long story short, I lost most of my investments overnight during the market crash in HK during the late 90's on real estates.

    The banks sxxked me dried over the following 6 years over mortgage loans until they plugged MY SILVER spoon out of my mouth. Laught

  • Sometimes money can cover everthing inside your heart!

  • oh......unbelievable! lost everything overnight! could you accept it? felt very sad?

  • Me

    Close but no cigar! Money can paralyze your heart, its just a matter of time when the effect wears off and you will end up where you have started. And than you would probably apply another dosage to numb the pain(whatever that is) but eventually, its a vicious cycle. Your looking for healing not numbing.

    I can say I have been through what you are describing.....because I've "been there"

  • KoKo,

    The thought of suicide have entertained my mind in more than just a few occasions. Not only I lost what is tangible, but I also lost my g/f, whom I have dated for 10 years. I called off the marriage cause I did not want her to suffer with me.

  • so what do you do now?

  • you are really koko?

  • Me

    I cry myself to sleep every night and wish I was never born.......Just Kidding!!

    Pick your choice;

    1. I am retired

    2. I am taking a long break from work

    3. I am re structuring my life, therefore hibernating.

    4. I am un employed

    They are all the same to me

  • SORRY, the previous about me loosing gf and suicide is from me, not KOKO

  • why you choose to call off the marriage???

    if your gf really loves you, she doesnt mind! you may hurt her so much

  • I can understand the feeling, but I think you should put yourself back together.

  • you know, I wanted to suicide when my first bf break up with me, we had together for many years! He also said "it's good for me and you".....forget it, I dont think so even right now!

  • koko,

    it's not worth to do stupid thing for him, you never know what will happen in the future, you may be able to find a better one.

  • me,

    thanks.. I knew whatever I did, he never thought about me...even I really die....he just live as usual!!!

  • Koko

    Loosing my wealth is only the tip of the iceberg. We had a long history together. I used to be a playboy, and a good one. I was being unfaithful to her and she was exposed to something that ( I cannot discuss here) forever changed her life. Just say I broke her heart and the trust was forever broken. She can forgive but not forget. The thorn will always be in her heart. As I said, for a man to be rich but remain morally right is a very difficult task. We are weak, by nature as a sexual being.

  • money is important....

    for me, I just want a man who can give me warm and loves me forever!

  • Me

    May I ask why you think I am not "together"?

  • so she broken up with you b4 you lost everything?

  • Koko

    Don't we all seek for the same things you are seeking , Love & Security.

  • Love is easy to get, but security, no!

  • Beenthere

    when you were rich, many girls wanted to know you ?

  • me

    No, we broke up after I lost everything. I guess the grief of unfaithfulness, money, motivation loss, living standard changes took a heavy toll on us. Just bad timing. It better we go our separate ways.

  • me, I agree with you

  • KoKo

    To answer to your question, just go to the sex forum and see for yourself. If I were to repost this post into the sex forum deleting the "EX" rich and sucessful, how many fish you think I could catch within half an hour?

  • Well I have to say that she may not love you for a long time, but money can still keep you two together. So when you lost everything, she just couldn't be with you anymore.

  • you did unfaithful to her when you rich or later?

  • I can see that you are well educated.

  • Me

    A simple parable. A poor couple who has never tasted the material pleasures of this world would never suffer any lost or experience hardship in life. Whereas a rich couple who was once rich but lost everything in one night would understand the pain of lost, because they are so spoiled and find it unbearable to adjust to their new livelihood, thus, arguments, curses and depression comes.

    Yes, its better not to have it at first than to have it and loose it in the end.

  • KoKo

    Unfaithful to her when I was at my peak of my career

  • Beenthere,

    I dont really agree with you, many problems come from poor family.

    they can't get the basic standare of lives.

  • Me

    Who me? well educated?! Thanks for the complimant but I'd rather having more wisdom than education. Education sometimes teaches a person to be arragont. I confess, its my serious character flaw.

  • I think you are a charming guy, it not hard to find a gf now.

  • You can start everything over again, and 34 is still young. As long as you know what you should appreciate and treasure with.

  • koko,

    Family problems arise from poverty is not new in HK. These people are living in a rich city where they suffered from inflation, discrimination and neglects from the government. If you look into rural China, farmers there do not kill their wives with cleaver or siblings strangle their parents over money.

  • Guys who think they have good conditions usually are not loyal, even they are loyal, they are not everlasting. Personality, character and heart are more important when choosing bf for long term relationship. Material is only superficial and once it has gone, there is absolutely nothing if one's soul has already been deteriorated.

    Beenthere, I hope you can wake up, stay strong and learn from life.

  • Me

    It feels good to be accepted. But I have no intention of starting a new relationship. I'm too broken down. Infact, I had a few MSN friends I met earlier, some wanted to meet me in person. I am really flattered but I'm just scared to start anything. Sometimes its safer in this vitural world where I do not have to commit.

  • Katy

    I can't agree with you more. Thats the message I'm trying to convey in this forum. But there is a catch, knowing the text book theory but unable to apply into practice, its just head knowledge. The real test comes in only with those who have experience what I had gone through. No pain no gain. I had to learn it the hard way. Sufferance brings perseverance. Cruel, but necessary.

  • May I say something out of the topic "relationship"? since I dont have much experience on that.

    Beenthrere, your english rocks!

    I learnt a lot in your replies

  • Jane

    Thats a very tall hat your putting on me. HA HA * I cant stop laughting after reading your compliments. We have certainly made my day! smile

  • Sorry for reiterating what you have said, I just tried to elaborate a bit more ^^

  • Katy

    And you did a hell of a good job strengthening my point. No apology needed.

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