Just sharing my experience in she.com

  • Hello. Thanks for coming here to read the story.

    I'm just a man under 30 age. I have been here for around 9 months.

    I got 1 SL, 1 SP and few ons within this 9 months. 

    You can find many kinds of lady in here (luckily those I met are not bad, they were very nice)... 

    I think "care" is the most important element that I can offer to them.

    If you want to get a SL/SP, somehow you should (must) know how to care a lady's feeling.

    Guys, I can say many ladies in here are really not bad for both in & outlook, keep it up!

    (PS: I can guess many people may not like this thread, but....  who cares?! haha...)

  • 支持

  • 呢段野好熟面口

  • my contact: niceherohk@hotmail.com

    In case anyone (guys/gals) would like to talk further :)

  • sexybabe

    sorry, your pic is hands or legs? full of imagination

  • 我下一次會比你知道係咩

  • sexybabe replied @ 2007-12-04 2:24 pm


    >>>>>>>sexybabe, 咁咪即係呢一次囉, 俾多D睇吓喇, 引死人咩

  • i think i read this posting somewhere. Jeff, you copied someone else's message?

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