Married man looking for humorous chat with mature lady

  • hi

  • hi there.

    My posting has finally show up, after a number of attempts.

  • It's ok now...

    How are u doing?

  • Lousy..terrible...lost and worst of all, ~~ Cold".

    R u a mature and occupied lady? Or fella?

  • um.... i would say i am the above average mature among the people here at

    Do i have a very strong sense of humor? Nice to meet u

  • Hi Cora.

    Not sure about the humour yet, cos mine didnt show either.

    Above average ... um, its been a long long time since i last active here and was told that ppl here mainly seek for sex!!! well.. can't blame them. Is that why you are here?

  • oh really? i dont think all the ppl login here is seeking for sex. I am here just for killing time. I am also the one seldom come here.

  • i came with an intention to share stuff like love etc, then thought not, cos, i suppose the topic is getting bored.

    Anyway, let me give some background of myself.. I am married but currenly living a single life most of the time (lucky in a way) indeed.

  • Am working in PRC with a bunch of colleagues, which not only give me a chance to be single again but also able to see how mainlander's life is like here.... Global term to describe it is "sxxks"

  • Sharing love topics is always interesting.

    BTW, where your wife? Trip?

  • it should be a very boring life there. Anyway, i will need to go mainland tomorrow. But luckily, only day trip

  • love topics are interesting!! Gosh.. women sure have a different set of view on it than men. No wonder my gf dumped me

  • oh.. you should have many gf before... :)

  • Oh.. so, u do have some experiences here. One thing I hated most about China is that most of the bogs they have here don't have toilet seats.. That is really a pain in the butt

  • which part of mainland you are working at?

  • cora

    nice to meet u

    can we talk ?

    add me r

  • i just need to stay at the factory so i dont need to visit public toilet. Lucky me.

  • gfs.... thts what i thought they should be called until lately. Ppl here just corrected me, my gfs shouldn;t be named as such since i am a married man. The correct term should be SL... What a pity...

    Since knowing the diff, or should say realize / taken in the differences, I lost interest in such kind of unfair relationship altogether

  • Cora..

    U just been called.. haha.. I thought... never mind.

    I am not too far, An hour and a half away from Guang Chow...

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