Married man looking for humorous chat with mature lady

  • hi

  • hi there.

    My posting has finally show up, after a number of attempts.

  • It's ok now...

    How are u doing?

  • Lousy..terrible...lost and worst of all, ~~ Cold".

    R u a mature and occupied lady? Or fella?

  • um.... i would say i am the above average mature among the people here at

    Do i have a very strong sense of humor? Nice to meet u

  • Hi Cora.

    Not sure about the humour yet, cos mine didnt show either.

    Above average ... um, its been a long long time since i last active here and was told that ppl here mainly seek for sex!!! well.. can't blame them. Is that why you are here?

  • oh really? i dont think all the ppl login here is seeking for sex. I am here just for killing time. I am also the one seldom come here.

  • i came with an intention to share stuff like love etc, then thought not, cos, i suppose the topic is getting bored.

    Anyway, let me give some background of myself.. I am married but currenly living a single life most of the time (lucky in a way) indeed.

  • Am working in PRC with a bunch of colleagues, which not only give me a chance to be single again but also able to see how mainlander's life is like here.... Global term to describe it is "sxxks"

  • Sharing love topics is always interesting.

    BTW, where your wife? Trip?

  • it should be a very boring life there. Anyway, i will need to go mainland tomorrow. But luckily, only day trip

  • love topics are interesting!! Gosh.. women sure have a different set of view on it than men. No wonder my gf dumped me

  • oh.. you should have many gf before... :)

  • Oh.. so, u do have some experiences here. One thing I hated most about China is that most of the bogs they have here don't have toilet seats.. That is really a pain in the butt

  • which part of mainland you are working at?

  • cora

    nice to meet u

    can we talk ?

    add me r

  • i just need to stay at the factory so i dont need to visit public toilet. Lucky me.

  • gfs.... thts what i thought they should be called until lately. Ppl here just corrected me, my gfs shouldn;t be named as such since i am a married man. The correct term should be SL... What a pity...

    Since knowing the diff, or should say realize / taken in the differences, I lost interest in such kind of unfair relationship altogether

  • Cora..

    U just been called.. haha.. I thought... never mind.

    I am not too far, An hour and a half away from Guang Chow...

  • SL relationship is forever a unfair game. The one who fell deep will be the one hurt most.

  • 廣州 ?

  • Cora.

    Sorry, it was you who started it, so ..hehe.. you must allow me to moan a bit about love affairs.

    Me and my gf had been together for three years, I dumped her once and she did the same once too over the course. Other than that, I was sincere and honest to her all the time, never did a thing which a man shouldn't have done behind the gf sort.. anyway, being her man, I do get jealous about her other social life too....

  • yes, a small city away from 廣州

    Anyway, I thpought my jealousy was right and i have the right to do so because i had been loyal other than the fact that i am married . As i am married, she is always the one behind the screen except amongst my circle of frds.. Anyway, as my jealousy grew, she became .... uncomfortable with the relationship and ..she now asked for a "cooling off " period.

  • sorry, the sl is me also, silly typo caused by not smoking enough

  • I assume oj = sl

    Actually, i am not me to make this topic start. It is you said "i came with an intention to share stuff like love etc, then thought not, cos, i suppose the topic is getting bored"

    :) by the way, i feel your gf is a type of wild lady.. you should love her very much and you will feel jealours about her social life.

  • Have you gf got married too?

  • i better not to talk about her too much, cos she doesnt like ppl talk behind her back and my frds always told me not to use the stupid nick each and every time when i come.. Ho...I am stubborn, so what. I ve the right to be stubborn cos all old folks are stubborn

  • :) it is not stubborn or not.. it is you yourself.

  • no no.. she

    anyway, are you cold at your place.

    Its ....b..ldy.. freezing up here, especially when i am the only one ard and the only heating device other than myslef in the flat are the speakers, MP3 and my PC..

  • yes.. it is also freezing here. i am living at yuenlong

  • here in china, I dont know why women often afriad of their loved ones to work in here. They always think men will definitely addict to women in china . I dont really think so lor, even thought... women r cheaper here in PRC..

  • cora

    can we ml ?

  • hope u got something warm to suggle wth tonite.

  • hm.. i also think the man will get lost and addicted to women in china.

    I know there are many good thing you can find from women in china.

    Besides, the men working at china is quite boring. I understand that.

  • Yes, women is one of the good things in china, another goody here is the cheap fags. I pick the later, haha..

    so what time would u be coming up tomolo?If you r coming to GZ, its quick and easy,the train runs every 20mins or so

  • need to arrive the shenzhen 8:30. There is company car to pick us up. 逾時不候

    GZ... yes, i know it is quick to go there, but no point to go there

  • i like ml woi

  • lucky you.

    the vehicle that pick us up weekly comes in 8 carriages and runs on a track 150 miles long

  • most drivers here r nuts

  • you should be compensated by the good benefit package or salary...

    so... dont say too much the bad thing or how hard life at China..


  • Oh well, the package is fair,m at least the company pays for my bog papers and a folding toilet seat.,., hohoho

  • where u studied before?

  • Shall go to bed now. been nice to bump into ya... By any chnace we shall met again then.. my nick never changes

  • ok then, it's up to you to answer me or not.

  • Gosh, its cold. had a tough time to leap out of bed.

  • hi cora & oj, I'm boring in the office, would like to chat with you.

  • kate

    Yeah sure Y not. same here too.

  • kate

    Think madam Cora isnt ard today.

    It was so dry this morning, i can feel the terrible static all over me when i got change.

  • oj, have you put on face & body lotion?

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