A secret and special relationship

  • Do u think we could have a relationship in such ways?

    1. Meet 1-2 time per month

    2. Share happiness and unhappiness when we meet

    3. Help her if needed

    4. Have sex/  just touch and kiss, discuss in msn

    5. Keep in secret and even cannot say "hi" if u see each other on street.

    I am 29 HK man. If you think we might have such relationship..add me to dicuss


  • u not online woo

  • I am online wow..please use copy and paste la..i afraid u miss "_" sign between ps and hello.


  • ....

  • I offduty la..just add me if you want and we will chat in msn..see you:)

  • good monring.

    Can discuss more in msn in ways to help...

  • but friendship is important and respect is important too...and most most important is honest..and secret and cannot affect each others' normal life.

  • morning

  • hello bear..morning

  • hi, how are you?

  • fine ar..working in office now..


  • it's my day off today. wow, you can chat on she.com during office hour?

  • reply a bit late la..but should be ok gei..if u add my msn is more better too..^^)

  • have you found that person yet?

  • not yet la

  • you should keep looking la.... any target?

  • keep looking? No la..i just wait and wanna find such friendship if any gal also think this kind of relationship is OK.

    because i am not interested in trade, SL or even SP. normally i just play phonesex with gal..

    So, I am not keep looking la..just wait if gals havs same mind can add me to chat..maybe chat only ka jar finally..let see la..

    Take it easy..^^)

    What are you doing at home? Keep looking guys? or u r a guy looking for gal?

  • I am female. not really looking for SL/SP/ONS or anything. Just interested to read what people say here on the sex page. I am passed that age playing around la...

  • nice to meet you^^)..nevermind..then just keep chat with me if u interested la..

    i also not want any SL/SP la..althought i never had it b4..coz busy in work always..don' think i can devote time on it.

    but i enjoy to have sex with fd sometimes...seems more flexible coz both are fd..should know each time's time and hobby...and can share any feeling each other..sometimes even no sex..just chat and hug in the room still a good relax there each other

  • yes, as a female, i really enjoy the feeling of being cared by a man. I think apart from the physical pleasure, emotional satisfation is also very important to me. do you have a gf now?

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