30 Year Old Male, Looking for a girlfriend, will provide total financial supports..

  • Hello ladies, I am a well educated and financially independant gentleman.  I am searching for a lady to spend some quality time with and possible relationship.  I will provide total financial, auto transportation and housing supports.  If you feel you have the confidences and compatibilies, please feel free to email me...

  • hi

  • Hello Miss Yogurt

  • LostinLove

    what is your email address?

  • hi lost in love

    what's ur profession ar?

  • Dear Lostin Love,

    How are you?

  • Hi Lady, please email me at " Ray218@she.com " Thank you for you interests..

  • I am doing good, and How about yourself?

  • Hello Diva, I am a financial Investment Director

  • Dear Lostin Love

    seems like a competition rather than a natural relation

  • LostinLove

    email sent.

  • Miss Yogurt... Competition? in what sense?

  • Thank for your email Lady, I will send you a reply as soon as possible..

  • Dear Lostin Love

    feels like it is a recruiting, if the job is suitable, please send an email and waiting for reply

  • Hi LostinLove

    What kind of lady do you like? How come you cannot find one in real life?

  • Miss Yogurt.. I am not recruiting, i am just tired of searching the right person. I rather be passive about it.

  • hello Judy.. to be honest.. I am a bit confused myself. Maybe it is because I work long long hours and my personal romance life has become a such failure. I am just trying to explorer my options in different areas... such as meeting different people in different cirlces

  • Dear Lostin Love,

    You are right, sometime when you are not on it, the right person will show up, things always like this ~

  • LADY, I have replied your email.. looking forward to have a chat with you.

  • Thanks for your reply LostinLove!

    So how would you discrib yourself? How many relationship you have ever had? I wonder if you would really care for your gf when you just focus on your work....

  • Dear Yogurt. Maybe I am just unlucky when it comes to relationship.. I guess the harder I look.. the harder I crash...

  • Judy: I have been through numerous relationship when I was younger. If you ask me how many true relationship I have had, I would say 2.. My last relationship was a total failure. I dated my ex for 5 1/2 years.. she left me because I devoted all my times to my business..which I didn't really blame her...

  • Dear Lostin Love,

    But view it in a better way, you have a nice job. Maybe just take it easy.

  • Judy: How would I describe myself.. I would say.. I am a guy most girls would be dreamt of.. sounds like I am conceited? Well, I am who I am.. and I am a very self confidented person. I am a bit demanding because I am a perfectionist.

  • LostinLove

    So if you could find your true love again, would you try your best to avoid the same thing happens again?

    And, you just said "will provide total financial supports.." you're not afraid that there would be some liars who would just cheat your money?

  • can u leave yr msn here ?

  • Judy. Thanks for your concerns and advices. Well.. I am in the financial management industry, taking risk and risk management are my specialty. I would like to say, if there is a right price for a true love, then I would be glad to pay for it or even just a slim chance. Money can be made.. but true love can't be priced... and in my case.. money is not an issue

  • LostinLove

    I mean, you can attract many many lady to approach you(only for that sentence) , but how many of them are "real", you just have to use rather more time to pick on it!

  • LostinLove

    Money cannot buy true love!

    There will never be a "right price" for a ture love......

    I'm not just discourage you...but just remind you a bit

  • hello MayMay, please feel free to contact me via msn " Ray.Yee@Hotmail.com"

  • Judy: I think you have misunderstood my last reply to your message. I said and only if there is a right price, which I know there isn't one. But I am a risk taker, I see every opportunity as a chance... and even if it is just a slim chance, I would try to make it work.

  • LostinLove

    I'm sorry for kind of misunderstood....

    but i just hope that you can have a clear mind about true love....not to be cheated

  • Hi LostinLove,

    what if the gal approaches because of the financial support part? is that what you want? :)

  • Hello Carol, Everyone and everything has a price in reality. If she can provide and satisfy my romance life, then I would say it is all worth it to me

  • LostinLove,

    What you need is just a good Actoress...then isnt it a bit 自欺欺人?

    no offense... just trying to understand what's in your mind ... :)

    you are still very young, i wish you could find someone who takes your breath away, who you desire from the bottom of the heart and you would strive for having her in your arms.

    Love is the most amazing thing on earth, dont try to get yourself confused.

  • Carol.. if she can make me happy, why would I judge her intention when happiness is all I am looking for?

  • hehee... then you really are lost in "love"!!

    if happiness is all that you want, go for it... enjoy as much as you can.

    i still wish you can experience what "love" is... :)

  • Carol: yeah.. i have to admit.. i am a bit lost in my relationship life.. maybe i am still devastated with my last relationship...

  • LostinLove,

    你仲後生... only 30...... 唔好咁灰



  • be happy,,,life have many things,,,hope you can be happy soon,,,so great to meet you here...

  • Hi. What's your name?

  • hihi: i just email you la, please check

  • hi Lost in Love, what do u look like ga?

  • market price is HK$5,000 for 2 hours, HK$10,000 for overnight, HK$50,000 per month


    50% deposit must be paid to bank account in advance, balance 50% must be paid before go to hotel

    5 star hotel, must use condom

  • sorry to hear yr story.It's really not easy to keep a relationship.

    But i think if u love someone,u should stand by his/her side and give support...i think you are right to do best on yr job.

    hope u will meet yr ms right la^^

  • and~shall we be friends? i've sent u an email which u can find my msn w/ it.

  • hihi lost in love, haven't seen u online for a long and wonder how u been? i miss chatting with u.... are u still single? call me up any time u want... i'll make time jst for u!! write me back... waiting for ur call bye sweetie muah!!

  • Maybe we can try to hang out sometime later?

    My e-mail is korawong@she.com


  • hi ray. 你點呀? 好嗎? it has been long time since we chatted la.... kinda miss u much =P if u can, give me a call. would luv to hear ur voice again... bibi

  • cici, ray is very very cute ga!!

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