Me, 33/M (Chinese) need to go back to UK soon....

  • Hi, 

    This is my first time here and don't know if I could do find gal here.  I will finish my business trip and back to UK soon.  Would like to have some fun before I go.  Can hang out any night after 10pm. my msn is



  • What kind of fun you are looking for?

  • chating/ drink /dinner/ having sex... anything ....and need to have some chemical before get further

  • get futher, you mean you are single?

  • I would say, up to now, i still can't find a stable gf.....

  • chan1012:

    still here??

  • yes.. i am still here

  • anyone want to chat......i am leaving on saturday.. but no one add me at all... how curel u ppl. mkchan0617@hotmail

  • Cannot imagine any girl will be that cheap or sleazy to let a di.ckhead like you to take advantage.

    How pathetic and what a sad loser you are to accuse people as cruel when no one adds as.sholes like you. Grab a life loser

  • If you are attractive, I am sure you can find a slut in LKF.

    If you are rich, you can afford a social escort.

    But if you are not handsome nor rich, you should just jerk yourself silly!

    Blame your pathetic useless parents for giving birth to poor low life no self-esteem bastards like you. Not your fault but your parents' pathetic DNA. They should perhaps end their lives to cleanse mankind!

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