U Grad 畢左業十年, salary 幾多先 reasonable 呢?

  • sorry, 我用舊版睇唔到已post了這個msg, 再post了幾次...


  • I think HK$35 to 45,000 is the reasonable standard. What do you think? In fact, it really relates to what field you are talking about.

  • mb, 如果我有你講個range就好了, 我只有兩萬幾呢~

  • how about 25K??

  • what is the type of job lei? and have you changed your job before? i am in marketing and most of my friends are working in government, we all got similar range. the job market seems to be better now, have u considered to change?

  • mb, thx for yr advice. I'm working in the marketing field too. I've changed a few jobs after graduation. Maybe I'm not smart enough~ :P I'll consider to change my job later when I completed my Master degree. Of course, will try to ask for much more~

  • well, sometimes it really depends on luck - company, industry, boss, timing. but hey, who knows what happen in the next minute. keep going, you will get what you want. Even my salary is okay at the moment - but i got very long working hours. so my hourly rate is low. see, i am working on a report at home on sun nite :(

    oh you are so diligent, i think i will never go back to school to study. I think i can only manage leisure classes like cooking, dancing. hahah.

  • thx mb! :) actually i'm working in the corporate mkting field & i'm having a fixed salary without commission & bonus, I guess this is one of the reasons for my low salary.

    Would you mind sharing which industry (just a brief idea) u are working in? Some of my friends are working in fund hse, ibank & they're earning much higher income.

    So my target is to join companies in these fields. :)

  • i am working in the field of medical products.

    wow ibank. hey, go for it. the good side is that at least u have a goal to ahcieve, that is good enough to drive you going. good luck la!

  • thx mb! :)

  • any other comments of the arrange salary?

  • mb, i want to know too. It seems that only two of us sharing here... any comments from others?

  • KK, perhaps you can set up a polling for ppl to vote? time to bed. nite.

  • kk,

    I just finished my MSc course in PolyU.

    May I share my experience with you?

    Pls contact me thru' at email eric.cts@alumni.polyu.edu.hk

    I'll provide solid information about career to you.

    Beside, I'm HSBC Premier Card user 5 years ago.

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