stressed n want release!

  • dear, do u want to do anything special tonite?

  • yes hon, like what?

  • see how far u can go, hahaa

    1) just chat here

    2) chat in msn

    3) talk in phone

    4) meet by person

    5) others, yr choices

  • chat here 1st. You going to entertain me?

  • hahaa, if both feel nice, maybe we will entertain each others, rite? hahaa

    u stressed n need release too??

  • barbie 應該唔會點 stress 啦

  • yeah, bit sick being stuff in those box and display on shelves for people to buy me. haha.


  • happy,

    應該唔會點 stress 啦?? 做 barbie 好難 ga.

  • seem u r too valuable to buy then, hahaha

    just feel stressed on works, want to escape fr company, throwing all the rubbish n doing sth abnormal to balance myself, haha, scare u??

  • 我都知做 barbie 好難

    但係都做左, 唯有keep going 啦

    但係都唔錯喎, barbie 又靚又好身材

    只係成日都要笑咁... 辛苦小小啦

    actually barbie 妳有幾 stress 呢?

    睇妳 reply 唔似有喎

    ken 就似d :p

  • nice! me too. Tired of being strict, professional, wise, and so smart. Need to be a stupid doll now. hehe.

    Scare me? You need to do more to do that Ken!

  • Happy,

    我辛苦ga. Everyday pretend like nothing and smile is hard. But I need more to show my feelings:)

  • professional 既 barbie 都會做傻野?


  • haha, i did offer what i can do here, hahaha, just see how far u can go, hahha, dont u feel i just like a crazy guy here tonite?? hahaha

    tired to be smart? i would like to be smart rather than stupid, just sometimes, i can even know how to pretend, hahaha, would like to control by myself but not for others...

    honey bees r used to fly around u??

  • 我身不游己, 控制於人.

  • ken

    我係咪即係 honey bee 呀?? :p


    妳平時唔可以 show ur feeling 架? 咁妳真係要小心喎

    因為咁谷法.... 當妳爆時都驚...我驚妳做既傻事連妳自己都估唔倒呢


  • Ken, you like to laugh so much. You are crazy for being so happy. Bees always around me and they are annoying :(

  • then, why not be yrself here tonite?? n share what is in yr mind, do whatever belong to yr deep heart, barbie

  • happy, i dont mean anything but just want to know more abt barbie, :-) dont hv any offense, :-)

    barbie, ooo.. sorry, as seem i hv to control my feeling too, i feel like i m now between devil n angel,

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