feel so tired, want to take a rest here...

  • Take a rest here??? Are you sure you can take a rest here? People are always in the stage of 'searching' and 'hunting' here. I just doubt if you can really take a rest HERE.

  • hahahaa,beside physically rest, i think i need mentally rest too, just its a place for me to throw all of my works n chat with onw who want to chat with me, will that be great?

    how come u feel tired too??

  • hahahaa,beside physically rest, i think i need mentally rest too, just its a place for me to throw all of my works n chat with onw who want to chat with me, will that be great?

    how come u feel tired too??

  • I'm just tired physically as well. Maybe also mentally a little bit. The most interesting thing of chatting here is 'reading various people's mind'. We're more opened to express ourselves without any identities and that's the beauty of virtual world. But I just find it a bit silly to talk with someone I don't know at all. Even if we share the opinions and values, what's the point? After all, we are strangers and we still don't know each other eventually. And that's so called 'experience'.

  • hahahaha, whats a lovely msg, :-), hey, i feel its funny to read ppl fr here. didnt be really honest in the reality especially to the one around as it hurt in certain extent in my past, however, just i seem like a crazy guy, i like to share n i like to share with honest or u can say with naked, hahaa, crazy??? i dont even scare to explore my mind to the rite one even u know who m i, as u say, its what a human needed...

    hey, may i ask? why u here as u think so?? ;-)

  • First, I'm a lazy person. A lie is wrapped by many beautiful excuse and I'm too lazy to do so. My brain is too lazy to think too much.

    In reality, words are always 'decorated', especially in business field, right? If you don't know who I am at all, what's the point of 'pretending' in front of a group of strangers?

    My answer is very simple. To let you have a chance to kill my time or in better wordings, to contribute my invaluable time to you. =P

  • i alwys think it just like a process, or simply describe as a circle, seem things like turn around n around, just like ppl come here to chat n share, in deep for couple of time, but, disappear suddenly, n u hv to stay with any circle again, sometimes, i dont even know why i m here, come here coz of my loneliness?? or the board here make me even more lonely?? hahahaa,

    hey, sometimes,i just feel i m losing balance, u will never think it will appear to a mature man (in age at least, haha ) like me, anyway, yr words r so nice n can really comfort me a lot in the silent nite, :-) its my pleasure too to share it with u here tonight, :=)

  • Exaatly! We keep on chatting happily but we don't know each other. We find it fantastic to get someone sharing the same values with ourselves finally. Then? Disappear and seek for another chatmate again. Loneliness still accompanies us and even feeling more lonely. ^^

    Thanks a lot! That's my pleasure as well.

  • BTW, may I ask how old you are, man?

  • then, will that be the same cycle again tonight? or u want to make it a bit different than b4?? hahahaha, or should we do it in upside down??? hahahhaa

  • 40 divorced. i just guess u r a lady bor, hahaha, r u?? :-)

  • sure i m a tired man, haha,

  • Make it a bit different than before? There are nothing happened before. Thus no comparision at all. What do you mean by 'upside down' lei? =) We are just two bored and boring persons here. Yeah!

    1. That's why you think in that way. Um ... I'm 24 actually. Too young to chat with, right? I'm going to take a shower and then have a sweet dream with Mr. Chow. It's better to keep the theory unchanged in order not to destroy 'my image'.


  • i just hv my crazy mind, as if we r in the different world, (even in hk, haha) or maybe we r in different fields (seem u r likely to work in buz field,rite? but i m not) or we r totally strangers for each others, tired too, do u afraid to chat face ti face on the net, ( think sure u wont in the reality, hahaha )

    hope it wont shock u, hahaha

  • nvm, u take good rest n let the thread sink as usual, :-) good night!

  • i m divcored and 38 yrs old. if u dont mind, can we chat more in msn.

    may i know your msn?

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