Why men think OL is sexy and want to ml with them ?

  • Don't know why men likes girls dress like OL and tie them up when ml ?

  • do you want me to tie u up then ?

  • OL usually wears suit and highheel shoes

    I think that's sexy

  • hi 28ol

    想睇下平時斯斯文文的ol 在床上狂野的一面囉

  • 28ol

    我覺得係因為ol會著 suit, high heel,絲襪果d, so男人會覺得佢地好sexy, 同埋有時d suit好窄身, 身材就好呼之欲出咁


  • because they look cool and professional. it gives men some conquering challenge if they can ml with a cool OL.

  • but all girls wear high heel. What make them so sexy..... and what's the point of tie us up....it is painful when tied up during ml. I can't hard move and hug my partner....

  • another reason is that many actresses in AV performed as OL

  • so all men like girls wear pantyhose and higheel....wow.... so i guess there are lots of colour wolf look at me when I walk on street

  • 28OL,

    i'm a man, so agreed to "wing"s point of view.

  • so you men watch too many AV moive la.......but i think tie up sometime is exciting...hehe

  • tie up means you have to obey. you are like a slave. men are in control

  • 28OL:

    are you pretty ?

  • 28OL,

    一路OL look著起個樣斯文d

    二來著high heels短裙對腳同個hip個型特別正



  • i look ok la...... body figure is ok too.

    ic... men want to in contorl.

  • Men want to be conquerer.

  • 28OL

    do you have bf ?

    how's your last sex experience ?

  • haha...多數tst & central ga OL 佢地先著裙....仲要佢地識著先正ga. 一般ga 可能仲差過識打扮c9 ga.

  • 不過有時d 女仔都like扮女boss 騎係男人上面un~

  • 28OL

    haha~~ don;t be silly for you ar, men just looking for all holes from lady to shoot only, performance for OL, just a make fun for their crazy mind only, hahaha~ by the way, If you dress simple and agree to fxxk by them, they also say you are so sexy la~~hahaha

    Very stupid for your thinking, just you meet all the sick men and fxxk by them before only........OL look for you....in their mind....you are free chicken only!

    So want to fxxk by me with causel look tonight?

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