being a business analyst has quite a lot of free time, do you agree?

  • recently discovered that, as a business analyst, most of the time I am free..anyone can share here? what you guys do mainly?

  • actually, if u don't mind me, can you sbare what you do? 'cos I'm an application analyst myself & would like to change to a business analyst for my next job.

  • sorry, what is an application analyst?

    I am conducting Six Sigma for my company, it's about using statistical tools for analyzing performance of the company

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  • Thx! but I won't say cute, I would say his face looks funny, just like those asking to be punched ~XD

    anyway, my role in the company is to collect enhancement requirement from various of party within/out the company. comaparing various features with our opposite software.

    sometime I have to oversee some minor integration project.

    I've heard about six sigma, is it difficult to implement into the company? and do u need to get a certificate like CMMI?

  • so, you are in a computer software company? conducting analysis from data of competitors?

    six sigma can be difficult to implement, because the tools can be somewhat rigid

    I am certified in my organization, but not certified publicly.

  • Yes, I'm working in IT field.

    i see, is six sigma the only thing you are responsible for in normal daily work? pls don't take no offense if I've ask the wrong question,

    'cos I wanna know more about business analyst

  • oh, no offense at all, not worry

    yes, I am only working on Six Sigma, full time, and I have to work on projects to improve work processes of my company, or save cost or generate revenue.

    What about you, what is your job responsibility?

  • I have meeting, will be back

  • well, full time myself.

    main responsibility of my post is to enhance various end user software (EUS) of our company.

    plus indentify any potential in each eus really, but this is only very minor parts really. I don't know whehter it's me or the trend of the business, I only work on my own and report to my VP directly for most of the job duties.

    I really don't have a clue rite now what will my career path like, may be a consultant? software consultant? business analyst? I really don't know /"( -__-)

  • I see, so you are working on internal EUS or for your clients? your company is big?

    working on minor part doesn't mean you should feel de-motivated, there will always be a chance

    let me know about your education and working background, let me see what can be good for you.

  • my role is more like an advisor to the company. I use data to analyze and suggest business decisions.

    the good thing is, I am only responsible for giving advise and presentations, and I can look at business at a high level

    bad thing is, I do not have real power in implementation and all of my suggestions have to go through management and it takes lots of approvals

  • yo, 28,

    my company is around 300ppl, so I guess u can say that's mid-big size company

    my role is pretty much the same:

    1) collect enhancement requirement from other dept or client directly on our EUS products

    2) sometimes provide advise on enhancement item

    3) collect data of competitor EUS for report

    4) supervious minor integration project

    since I've been working from a tester (a very junior pos) to a programmer, so I know about the basic cycle of a software project.

    the good thing is I actually learn a lot about what should consider before making decision, from attending meetings with other deptment.

    the bad thing is pretty much same with you, don't have the real power to implement or motivate the company the some of EUS product, since there are too much approval but too less resource in order to implement all those requirement. sigh

  • oh, totally agree with you, so your post is similar to a quality controller?

    and your company size is pretty big, actually

    I can understand how you feel, and you want to try something new?

  • not quite a QA guy, but I think I could goes into that area, since one of my frined in QA dept did asked me to join him. but I refused it since that time wasn't the rite time. if he ask me to join him now, I would.

    since rite now, I can't see what my career path in this company would goes, I feel like I'm underpay, so, I would like to try something new, yet similar to what I used to do.

    I've choice like:

    1) business analyst

    2) application analyst

    3) or something that required me to collect requirement & write up proposal stuff.

    cheers~ 28

  • good, what is your academic background?

    what did you study before?

    you may add me to chat

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