26/9 -29/9 Phuket ....need someone to share the hotel

  • I have booked very good resorts (pool villa) in Phuket for 26/9 to 29/9. My friend can't go with me suddenly, try to see if any one would like to take her place. You just need to buy your own ticket and share 1/3 of the hotel price. Thanks.

  • are u a male or female?

  • Hi CLKL, I am interested to share the hotel and have a short trip in Phuket too....What is the hotel name? How much for the room? Are u a female?

  • yes, I am a female..and you? hotel is Bundarika (2nights) and Trisara (1night)

  • Sorry forgot to state the price.

    first 2 nights, 2280 x 1/3

    3rd night, 4270 x 1/3

  • I M MAN, OK?

  • Even though I will be out all the time execpt at night. I prefer Girl. Sorry.

  • hey, take it easy, just three night we can build up romance, having sex and have fun with you!!

  • How to build within 3 days ah? How old are you? Always have sex with strangers?

  • Sounds great, I'd love to join. Would like to hear more about how exactly this gonna work out, such as meeting up to check-in etc. etc.

  • CLKL

    add me msn


  • Sa, I suppose you are a girl. Can you introduce a bit about yourself? I think I have not clearly state that the price for first 2 nights will be 2280 per night x 1/3.

    I will fly by TG arrive there at around 2pm. You can arrive anytime after that. Of course if the deal is done.

  • Are you interested? I guess Johnny is a guy not a gal.

  • I am 24 female, very outgoing, working at a professional firm, would like to enjoy the sun and beach as well as the nice resort during the trip. Can u tell me a bit of urself as well?

  • please leave you email, or msn, I will talk to you in detial later.

  • sorry, just one last question. You are not lesbian, right?

  • def. not

  • sa,

    added u.

  • i am interested


  • hey gals, sorry....my friend suddenly can go again.....so....really sorry...next time lar.

  • Hi CLKL,

    I am interst in which villa you will go at the third night, what its' so expensive compare with the first two night.

    Btw, i'll be in Phuket during that period with my friend, living in laguna. Its the first time I go phuket (I only in bangkok before). Any activities you planned and so that I can take it as a reference??


  • Please check. www.trisara.com

    I suggest you join the Safari tour and the canoeing trip. Really cool. If you are staying in Laguna, don't miss the Banyan tree spa (remeber to book beforehand). Those island hopping tours are also good. So many things to do in Phuket for the 1st timer.

    I used to go scuba diving too. Coral island (ha ha island) is cheap for 1st time scuba diving.

    Hope this assist.

    BTW, I am a spa and hotel commentor! You've asked the right person.

  • Hi CLKL,

    thanks so much. Glad that I met you here.

    I wish to join the scuba diving as I know that the water is so clear that no beach in HK can be compared.

    very jealous in your job, hope you won't mix up your work and leisure and enjoy your SPA!

    BTW, if you found two guy who got drunk even on the day time, that could be me and my goatee friend. Haha...

    Enjoy your trip!!


  • Congratulations

    God bless u, u didn't go to Phuket yesterday.

    What a tragedy!

  • You are welcome.

    If you need help, feel free to contact me. When are you and your friend going?

  • I will be in Phuket at 24~26/Sep, the days before would be in bangkok.

    Will rent a car and travel around, May join with my friend's relative for lunch or dinner, also we might join a rafting tour.

    We aim at relax and drinks. Is that any restaurant for seafood you recommended? cos we all like to taste good meal :P

    Btw, I think its worth to buy a phone card in Thai and which is more economic.

    and shxt that I can't login to the forum of www.thailandfans.com, so hard to search for resources on food, shopping etc...

    Trisara is really good! I found the pic from the website and seems the lease price is not realistic as that is very expensive!! how much % difference if you book it by yourself??

  • well...The resturants in Laguna are wll very good. But of course more expensive. Otherwise, go to Patong. Those by the road side are accetable.

    I don't know how much cheaper. Sorry. I guess less the tax and serve charge.

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